What To Do When You’re The New Chick In Town

In the past ten years I’ve attended nine schools, lived in four different cities, experienced two different states, and in five months I will be adding one more to each list. I would classify myself as a THE New Girl (sorry Zooey Deschanel). Whether you’ve moved to another state for community college, are attending an online school, or crossed the coast to start your new career, knowing absolutely no one can be simply terrifying. Luckily there’re ways for everyone—extroverts and introverts alike—to break the solitude.

Get social (media).

Use this day and age to your advantage. There are tons of apps out there to help you meet new people (on the platonic field too, not just hook-ups or romance), Try Skout, or even add that you’re only looking for friends on your Tinder profile.

Be involved in your community.

Find something you’re interested in (community service, church, sports, etc.) and look to see what your community has to offer. You’re bound to find people not only your age, but with similar interests too.


This is the golden goose of all your tricks. Not only will you have a direct connection, but you have someone to vouch for their character and personality. Ask your friends if they know anyone in or near the area you’re moving. You’d be surprised who knows who. My friend who lives near the Coachella Music Festival in California was able to connect me with someone in the exact small town up in Washington where my next stop is!

Get hired.

Cash flow is not the only perks of a job, but coworkers as well. Spending numerous hours in an enclosed area with others leads more often than not to bonding experiences.

Hangout at popular places.

Whether it’s your local coffee bar or the beach, place yourself in any friendly environment. Just don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there! This is an outgoing person’s game: you can’t expect everyone to come to you. A few moments of courage could equal a lifetime of friendship. Not a bad deal, right?

Vanessa Murphy

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