WWCBD: What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do… In Modern Dating?

I took a lot of inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw this week. There’s something extremely comforting for me about sitting down with a cup of coffee and getting lost in watching a bit of Sex and the City.

Carrie and I have some things in common. We both wear our names in jewelry around our necks, have big curly hair and we both write. We also both have a love/hate relationship with men. Carrie’s frustrations with dating the wrong men hits close to home for me.

Part of the SATC hype is that the projected audience is more than likely able to relate to themes the show conveys. So typically, the young girly straight female may be able to sympathize with Carrie’s series of unrequited loves, lovers that were too much, and lovers that gave too little.

If we rewind back to when Carrie was all up on the dating scene, cell phones weren’t really a hot commodity. She had a home phone with a machine and that was pretty much it. Who knows what predicaments Carrie would find herself in now if she was texting men instead of waiting by her phone for Mr. Big to call her.

Or if she decided to download Tinder. But yikes, that’s a whole other battle. The show wouldn’t even exist probably.

Times change and it’s actually comical that she can no longer truly relate with this generation’s way of building relationships.

Would she find herself grinding her teeth seeing that Big liked some cute girl’s photo on Instagram or would she delete his number if she found out he was texting a bunch of other girls? Would she “lose her chill” and call it quits with him or would she try to keep it cool and play aloof because she liked him so much?

If things were complicated according to Carrie in the 90s and early 2000s, what the hell would she think now?

Laura Murphy

Editorial Contributor, National University of Ireland Maynooth Major: English, Business, Sociology Her heart belongs to: 'Sex and the City' reruns, Boston and peanut butter banana oatmeal You can find her: Drinking tea or dancing somewhere near Dublin

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