#WhoRunTheWorld? 6 Female-Fronted Badass Bands You Must Check Out

On one of my walks home from work one night, I noticed that as I was queueing up songs for my new Spotify winter playlist, the last six bands I added to the list were all, to my unexpected (and gleeful) surprise, all fronted by women. So if you’re looking to discover some new music, led by some lovely ladies with relatable lyrics, beautiful melodies and powerful vocals, look no further.

Wolf Alice

Comprised of Joel Amey, Theo Ellis, Joff Oddie and lead vocalist, Ellie Rowsell, this soft, yet, grungy alternative rock band from London have recently been slaying the charts and selling out tour dates all over the UK. The band formed back in 2010, originally as an acoustic act between guitarist, Joff, and Ellie, and have since been signed to independent label, Dirty Hit Records– the same label that houses fan-favourite The 1975. Wolf Alice just released their first record this summer, My Love Is Cool — which is undeniably the best debut album I’ve heard in a while. Their sound has been described as the “love child between folk and grunge.” With a voice like Ellie’s, raunchy one minute and sweet as a whistle the next, you’ll understand the hype going on across the Atlantic.


New Zealand brother-sister duo, Caleb and Georgia Nott, make up the wonderful sibling dynamic that is Broods. If you’ve been anxiously anticipating Lorde’s sophomore album and are starting to get impatient, give Broods a listen. If you’re in need of a voice astonishingly similar, equally as beautiful and just slightly older, Georgia’s got you covered. Check out these Kiwis and their debut album, Evergreen. 


LA-based four piece, Transviolet, have been getting some serious celebrity recognition as of late– thank you, Katy P. and Mr. Harry Styles– and for good reason. Lead vocalist, Sarah McTaggart’s, hauntingly honest lyrics and crescendo-ing vibrato are enough to give you the chills. The quartet is currently on tour, having previously supported Mikky Ekko, with a full-length album in the works. In the meantime, you can enjoy their self-titled EP, which features the song that everyone’s been raving about, Girls Your Age.


Type ‘Wet’ into your browser and the first thing to come up will definitely not be anything related to this New York-based trio from Brooklyn. Which is rather unfortunate especially because the indie, 90s R&B vibes radiating from Wet’s tracks will have you jammin’ all day. Lead vocalist, Kelly Zutrau, has described the songs on their self-titled debut EP to be entirely made up of “break-up songs, at least superficially.” Zutrau has expressed that new music is currently in the works — I’m sure we can expect a heart-wrenching, soothing breakup album to follow.


The desire for lead singer, Mandy Lee, to have an 80s cover band for her birthday resulted in the creation of the indie pop band, MisterWives. The band’s unique name results from the gender-flipped variation of the term, SisterWives — which makes sense, with Lee being at the forefront of a five-member male band. Their debut record, Our Own House, was released earlier this year. For a fresh new sound, radiating warmer tunes, they’ll definitely be one to vibe to this upcoming winter. Also, check out their ridiculously amazing cover of Riptide.

Oh Wonder

Oh, will Oh Wonder be an artist to watch in the new year. Composed of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West (whose last names were for a while unknown), this pop + electronic + instrumental + indie duo from South London has caught our ears with their combination of melodic, soulful harmonies and the precision of the dynamic production behind it all. Technically speaking, they’re both considered lead vocalists, then. Regardless, the mix of their clear, genderless, lovesick lyrics can easily be the soundtrack to both a slow, warm Saturday and Sunday night. Two months ago, they released their eponymous debut album and trust me when I say, no one song can be chosen as a favorite. They all are.

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