A Wedding Style Story: The Marriage of Friendship



In sickness and in health, for better or for worse, there is nothing like having a best friend to walk through life with, someone who truly understands and loves you. Not to mention, because you two are practically sisters, there is the unspoken agreement of having a second closet to borrow from. With the help of one of my best friends, Mahnoor Hussain, we’ve created four looks by spinning the old wedding tradition of the bride, or best friend in this case, wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.

Look 1: The Maxi Dress

It’s always been tradition for the bride to wear an elegant long gown down the aisle but now this practice has transformed in to the casual and comfy maxi dress.


 ” I still love wearing my suede wedge heels from PacSun even though I’ve had them for almost two years they are the perfect match for everything in my closet.” -Mahnoor


 Mahnoor is wearing a beautifully flowing burnt orange maxi from H&M.


This turquoise statement necklace that Mahnoor borrowed from her stylish mother provides the perfect marriage between the blue of her denim jack from American Eagle Outfitters and the blue hue of the necklace completing this wedding inspired look.


Look 2: The Kimono

What is a wedding without beautiful flowers? One trend that has dominated summer wardrobes has been the kimono. This sheer light weight floral kimono from Forever 21 is the perfect item to start off this marriage themed ensemble.


With such a bold statement being made by the kimono with it’s floral details and delicate fringe, like traditional weddings I went classic with my old H&M Divided Black Dress. The black of the dress completes the black of the kimono creating a match made in heaven.



This beautiful citrine bangle I borrowed from Mahnoor accents the warm colors of the kimono and adds a little wedding glitz to this casual outfit.


And finally, my periwinkle and gold layered necklaces from Old Navy pair perfectly with my periwinkle nails in the color “Lapiz of Luxury” by Essie.


Look 3: The Maxi Skirt

Much like the maxi dress, a maxi skirt creates wedding elegance by having a dramatic hem length. The bonus of a maxi skirt is the versatility, change the shirt, add a sweater or scarf and it’s a completely new outfit.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when it comes to wedding nuptials. Not only drawing attention to Mahnoor’s beautiful face, this statement necklace from Charming Charlie’s adds sparkle and polish to the look as well.


A good old, simple black tee is a must-have for any closet and when paired with this chic Forever 21 blazer Mahnoor borrowed from me, the tee shirt is instantly elevated to look effortlessly modern and fresh.


The floral has made a come back again with the basis of the floral skirt being a deep navy blue allowing the colorful flowers to shine through.


Look 4: Harem Pants

Harem pants, have been making slouchy look cool all summer long. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and I am obsessed with this Mediterranean inspired print on these Joe B harem pants from Kohl’s.


We all remember color- blocking being a huge trend last year mixing bright  bold colors and now it’s back in the form of color contrasting like this color contrasting blazer form LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. The surprising pop of color is just what a bride would need on her special wedding day.


This cream and silver arm candy, courtesy of my best friend Mahnoor, is from her trip to Turkey and plays off the masculinity of the boyfriend blazer but juxtaposes it with the delicate silver and light colors.


The whole outfit features a rich royal blue marrying the pants to the blazer and nail polish fit for a lavish wedding or beautiful friendship.


Try this wedding themed fashion challenge with your best friend and don’t forget to tag the Lala and share this article on social media with lots of lala-love.


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