Want To Change Your Outlook? Try A Blessings Journal

Every night, I write down three “blessings” or things I’m grateful for during the day. It can be anything from my friend surprising me with a chai latte, to just seeing a familiar face around campus. And if I’m really struggling, there’s always Netflix, ice cream, and puppies to be grateful for.

I started this practice one night after realizing that I found myself in negative, pessimistic moods more than I’d like to. I had just listened to a talk by Pam Grout, a best-selling author who writes about the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires. In the talk, she explained that she does this herself. Each night, she texts her “positivity pack,” a couple of close friends, three blessings from her day.

The best part is, there’s actually a science to it. By looking for the many blessings you encounter throughout the day, and focusing on them rather than your setbacks, you’re essentially training yourself to have a more positive outlook. Don’t believe me? Consider this: have you ever wanted something and suddenly you see it everywhere? It can happen with anything, from a certain model of car, to a new pair of boots.

We notice what we look for. So if you’re on the lookout for blessings, you’re much more likely to find them than if you’re focusing on what a crappy day you think you’re having. Keep your eye out for blessings and you’ll soon find they greatly outweigh the less-than-stellar parts of your day.

Kara Cuzzone

Editorial Contributor, Holy Cross Major: Undecided Her heart belongs to: Her dog Ella, Ashton Kutcher, sundresses, and summertime (yes, in that order) Her guilty pleasures: Country music, drinking far more chai lattes than humanly possible, and cozy little coffee shops

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