5 Tips for Finding Unique Apartment Decor

Who doesn’t love picking out pieces for the dorm room or new apartment? As much as we love DIY pieces to make our spaces unique, we also love browsing artwork from artists across the world to add the finishing touches to our home bases.

Here are five sources we love to browse for prints, shower curtains, clocks…you name it.

Society 6: Artists from all over the world submit their work to Society 6, a website we’ve become obsessed with. How cool would it be to snuggle into duvet covers every night that are really original pieces of art? Or sing your heart out while showering next to one of these rad shower curtains?

Society 6 Furniture

Art Shows: Always be on the lookout for any art shows in your area! Free art shows normally feature emerging artists and usually are selling graphic prints of their work for under $20, which you can use to decorate your walls. Check your local newspaper or search on different online guides (Festival Net is an option) to find up-and-coming art shows around you.

Art Show

Etsy: You’ve shopped for unique DIY clothing pieces on Etsy, but have you ever used this online marketplace to spice up your home? Check out the home decor and graphic prints available for sale on Etsy, created by aspiring and established artists all over the world. They’ll be shipped right to your doorstep to make apartment or dorm furnishing easy.

Etsy Graphic Prints

Esty Furniture

Flea Markets: Flea markets and garage sales other hidden treasures to finding unique apartment decor. Usually, you can find antique lamps, silverware, and tableware for a reduced price, because most of the items are secondhand. And what’s better than having an ultra-retro piece with a great story behind it for your admirers? Make sure to check out the Lala’s Ultimate Guide to Haggling to get the most bang for your buck at flea markets.

flea markets decor

Fab: Fab is, simply, “fab.” This website pairs up with designers to create unique pieces to decorate your dorm or apartment. Visiting this site could be dangerous–trust us, you’ll be perusing the funky designs for hours.

Fab Furniture


Does this list make you as excited as we are to start laying out a color scheme? Get ready to hear compliments on compliments for your superb interior design taste.

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