The Ultimate Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game

Looking for ways to spice up your Grey’s Anatomy Netflix marathons? We’ve got you covered with a drinking game that would make Cristina Yang proud.

It's drinking time.


  1. When they drink, you drink.
  2. Take a drink every time Dr. Bailey stutters.
  3. Every time Meredith narrates with a long, convoluted, #deep monologue about how surgery is relatable to the hardships of life, take a drink.
  4. Take a shot every time Owen pleadingly says, “Cristina.”
  5. If someone gets kicked out of the O.R., take a drink.
  6. Chug every time “Chasing Cars” or “How To Save a Life” plays in the background.
  7. For every time Callie and Arizona argue about something they’ve already resolved, take a drink.
  8. Every time Meredith makes a morbid joke about her “hostile uterus,” take a shot.
  9. Take a drink every time someone is in denial about their PTSD.
  10. If you start to wonder why you haven’t met your “person” in life yet, take a shot.
  11. Drink every time you hear, “Push one of epi.”
  12. If the patient has a kid with an attitude problem, take a drink.

And remember, darlings, the most important rule is to drink responsibly. You must be 21+ to drink in the U.S. Don’t end up in an O.R. 

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