the Lala and Warby Parker: College Casual

You know those names that are given to the screaming fans of tween boy band groups? Beliebers? Directioners? That sort of thing? We think it’s about time that Warby Parker eyewear fans everywhere get a name. We may squeal less loud, but trust us we are just as dedicated. Opticmists? Spec-ulators? Warbiors? Warblocks? Okay, we’ll stop.

 But seriously, what is it about their glasses? From vintage frames to the unbeatable prices, they know chic, they know affordable and they know philanthropy. Did you know for each pair purchased, they give one back to someone in need? This makes them a brand that every college kid can’t get enough of. Oh! What about lens-thusiasts! (That was the last one we swear.)

For our shoot we stuck by the cardinal rule of fashion; that accessories are important and if you’re planning on putting an accessory on your face—you’re gonna have to love it. Glasses should fit casually, comfortably and go with everything. So we took our college model Meghan to the places she finds comfort between classes; in the stacks of old vintage bookstores & surrounded by changing leaves on the green, all while wearing two of our favorite Warby frames—how college is that?


collage 1

collage 2







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