the Lala and Goodwill Campus Craftinista: DIY Statement Sweater

It’s not enough just to wear a great outfit anymore. Oh no, to turn heads nowadays you’ve gotta have originality, you’ve gotta have creativity, you’ve gotta have glitz, you’ve gotta have glam! In short; you’ve gotta have Goodwill.

Yes. Goodwill. We mean that store off-campus where hidden treasures and DIY inspiration are found! Take it from us, to really stand out you’ve gotta hike up your sleeves and put some personality into it.  For our Campus Craftinista DIY we created a stunning statement sweatshirt DIY made out of a fun, second-hand sweater we found at Goodwill. Whether you like to rock seriously quirky wisdom or put-together polished prose, this DIY has head-turning-stop-on-the-street-where-did-you-get-that-top written all over it.

What You’ll Need: 

  • A cozy Goodwill sweater or sweatshirt (or both!)
  • Lots of iron-on letters
  • An iron
  • A fun or quirky phrase

what you'll needStep 1: Plan out the phrase you want to put on your shirt to make sure you have all the right letters/have them in the correct order. Tip: we suggest having your phrase in mind when buying your iron-on letters, that way you can guarantee you won’t have to make a trip back to the craft store cause you ran out of “T”s.

plan itStep 2: Using a ruler or something with a straight edge (we used the packaging our iron-on letters came in) line your letters up. It’s okay if it’s not perfect–we think it actually adds a little personality!

line em upStep 3: Following the directions on your iron-on letter packaging, iron those babies on!

iron it onStep 4: Wear your statement sweater or sweatshirt loud and proud!


stay weird


BRIT 1For our second iron-on creation we added a little French twist to a plain gray sweater we found in the men’s section!


sommer 2

SOMMER 1Layer a denim or chambray shirt under your sweater and glam it up with a chunky gold necklace and red lips. Ooh la la!

layer it


GET CREATIVEMake a statement sweater for all your friends and roomies for Christmas this year and personalize them! The best part – it’s cheap and easy. What phrase will you come up with?

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