Trying To Stay Hydrated? This App Tracks Your Daily H20 Intake

If you’re like most busy college girls, keeping an active eye on your everyday water intake most likely takes a backseat priority to your more important day to day agenda.

However, drinking a healthy amount of water each day has extreme benefits for your skin, body, and overall happiness. It’s not always easy remembering to drink your correct dosage.

Although originally released in 2013 and again in 2015, my most recent app discovery can help you get the perfect amount of water necessary into your busy days.

Plant Nanny is a 4.5 star rated app where you pick out your very own virtually animated plant to take care of.  The more water you drink throughout the day the healthier and happier your plant appears to be.

However, when you go even a day without logging your water intake your plant’s health can dwindle to the point of a very hard return.

Basically, you put in your body information such as weight and activeness so the app can determine your needed daily intake of water. You then choose your plant, name it, and then start logging your water intake!

You can level up by drinking more water and your plant will grow before your very eyes. It’s a weird type of satisfaction seeing your virtual unrealistic little plant grow with a cute little smile on its face. I’ll also admit to feeling very guilty when my plant is near death because I slacked on my daily water intake.

Another thing I really enjoy from this app is you can log how much water you drink from the size of your glass. I normally drink from my camel back so that’s my default bottle but if I have a small glass of water with dinner the app allows me to log that too. Some apps are difficult because you need to know the exact amount of water you’re taking in at all times, but with plant nanny, you can estimate by the size of your cup.

Overall this app is a great way to boost your health and get your water input up and consistent. You can sign up for daily reminders to depending on how often you think you’ll need to be reminded to take that extra drink out of your camel back.

I signed up for a quick reminder every 6 hours in case I get in a dry period throughout my day, but I personally don’t need reminders every hour on the hour as my camel back is with me at all times.

Plant Nanny is available for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. It can be found in the app store under health and fitness or when searched by name. It is completely free and is a great combination of fun and health! I highly recommend to those out there looking for an easy, fun way to make their lives a little healthier and a little happier.

Image via Kellyn Simpkins 

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