Take Us To The Candy Shop: New York City’s Best Dessert Guide

In New York City, there are “a million” everything. There are a million pharmacies, a million coffee shops, and yup, a million dessert shops. From classic ice cream sandwiches to questionable, dry-frozen foam concoctions, there’s a sweet thing for every sweet tooth.

So how do you narrow it down? In lieu of eating until you reel from a fit of chocolate nightmares, push these NYC hotspots to the top of your list.

Put on your roomiest pants, skip breakfast, lunch & dinner, prepare your mind, body, and soul — because you’re about to head out on this NYC dessert crawl.

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Shannon Zhu

Contributor, New York University Major: Art History Her heart belongs to: skincare products, desserts (cupcakes not welcome), big dogs and small kitties Take her away to: anywhere except camping... unless it's in a warm cabin with lots of wine and cozy blankets

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