College Is The Time To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Despite all of the spectacular moments that accompany our college experiences, we can all undoubtedly agree that this 4 year journey can be anything but easy. We’re balancing full class schedules, extracurricular activities, jobs, and the impending fear of “what am I doing with the rest of my life?,” that sometimes the stress can easily overshadow some of the joys that arrive only in this time of our lives.

At the crux of our college experience is not the lessons we’re learning in Intro to Philosophy or the dream internship we have, but the irreplaceable friendships we make along the way. This is the time to find our future bridesmaids, our travel buddies, and the people that were there for the unforgettable moments back in the glory days.

The friends we make in college have been there for the late night pizza deliveries, the verging breakdowns during finals week, and bringing the Ben & Jerry’s when what’s-his-name breaks our hearts.

Our college memories are the stories we’ll be telling for years and years to come. So, with all the stress that comes with being a college student and only 4 years enjoy the perks of emerging adulthood without the many responsibilities that accompany it, why on earth would we surround ourselves with people who make us feel anything but remarkable?

But yet, we often do. It’s time to realize that doing so is simply unacceptable.

Often this supposed “responsibility” to maintain friendships that are more detrimental to us than anything else stems from a fear to let go of what’s comfortable. So, we sit back and keep quiet so as to not ruffle any feathers or hurt any feelings.

Many of us don’t realize that people are meant to come into our lives for a reason, but many of them are meant to leave our lives for reasons equally as justifiable. Initially, we might not understand why and clearly, that can hurt. But eventually we do understand, and we wouldn’t have it any other way because what was meant to happen was what’s best for us.

College is the time where we learn who we really are and we evolve into the people that we want to become. If we truly become like the people we spend the most time with, we should be spending time with people who make us better… better people, better students, and better friends.

We should be spending time with people who make us laugh until our stomachs hurt, who can talk about everything and nothing until 3am, who would be there for us at the drop of a hat, and who genuinely inspire us to become stronger women. There is no way we should settle for anything less.

It’s okay to let go of people who aren’t making us truly happy. It takes bravery to do so, but ultimately it’s worth it. We only have 4 years to write the story of our college experience. So, who do you want in yours?

Catie Pauley

Contributor, John Carroll University Major: Political Science/History Her heart belongs to: Jim Halpert, bacon, anything chocolate, labrador retrievers, Pilates, The Killers, Mumford and Sons, polaroid pictures and books. Take her away to: IRELAND!

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