Three Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Teach You Basic Makeup Skills

Halloween makeup is perhaps one of the most intimidating of all beauty ventures. We know how it feels. The cringing thought that, “I really want to do my makeup this Halloween, but I have no idea how to apply fake lashes, and what products to use to look super deadly…” Since we’ve experienced this feeling many times in the past, it’s only our duty to share with you the tidbits we’ve picked up regarding Halloween makeup- for someone who’s not an artist in residence. 90% of these looks can be done without adding another makeup product to your collection, and this guide will walk you through basic Halloween makeup skills like contouring, applying fake blood or glitter, AKA, they can work for tons of different costumes, not just the ones we presented here. Get ready to blow away your fellow witches, ghouls and ghosts at every bar crawl, party, or trick or treating sesh this Halloween.


The SKULL QUEEN will teach you the basics of Halloween contour & the simplicity of creating skull teeth. She’s dark, demure, and dead but super glam all around with her golden tiara and sparkly accessories.


01. Start with a light foundation. We suggest drugstore foundation that is one or two shades lighter than your actual skin tone for this, or you can even simply use your normal foundation and set your entire face with a white eye shadow. Either way, you’ll end up looking pretty deadly. This is how you achieve an alabaster complexion for Halloween.

02. Now it’s time to contour deeper than all the Kardashians put together (LOL). To create a super ‘dead’ look, you want to grab a deep burgundy/brown/or black shadow on a large shader brush. Make a fishy face and hollow out your cheeks, swiping the shadow diagonally on your jaw from your ear to your mouth, and then work it up to your temples.

03. Sunken eyes will really improve the look of your entire makeup. Swipe deep burgundy shadow on your lid, in your crease and under your eyes. Add some black shadow at the outer V of your eye (right at the corners and at the end of your crease line) to create super ghoulish depth.

04. Applying false lashes is the best trick for Halloween, and it’s so incredibly easy. Of course, this step is optional. Pick up a pair at your local drug store as well as some eyelash glue, and place the glue on the underside of the lash. Don’t be too generous, a little glue goes a long way. Next, hold the lash up with a tweezer and gently blow on the glue until it becomes tacky and sticky. Close your eye and place it as close to your lash line as possible. Try not to move for about a minute or two and keep your eye closed to let the product dry.

05. Next it’s time for your basic skull teeth. You can do this with any kind of white face paint, but if you don’t want to go out to the store, try using either a white shadow mixed with primer or a thick white eyeliner or cream base. Start with creating two rows of circles on your lips.

06. Next, to create the actual rows of teeth, flip your brush to it’s side and draw skinny lines above each circle. They’ll start looking like wonky looking tear-drops.

07. To create depth, grab a black shadow on an angled brush or an eye pencil and fill in the space between the teeth.

08. Be sure to blend slightly at the edges of your mouth to create a washed out and dead appearance.

09. Finish the look off with a gold tiara, diamond bracelet, and gold metallic dress to be truly be your campus queen of the dead.




The VAMPIRESSA will teach you the importance of detail in Halloween makeup. You’ll also learn how to make black lipstick and how to perfectly apply that fake blood. She’s evil, humorous, and edgy and the coolest modern vampire you’ll ever meet.


01. Start with the same alabaster finish you went for during SKULL QUEEN. This is easily done with a foundation a shade or two lighter than your own, or simply by setting your foundation with a white shadow.

02. Vampires, as well as many other ghoulish monsters, are all about the dead-in-the-eyes look. Enhance the bottom curve of your eye by heavily applying dark burgundy or purple shadow and round it up toward your crease. Continue the line around your eye socket until you hit the nose, and then go in and contour your nose with the same shadow.

03. For some veiny details, grab an angled brush and create tiny veins under your lower lash line. Extend them as far down as you’d like, but remember to use a light hand to really get the effect of a vein.

04. Go in with a deep plum blush and work it into the temples.

05. Swipe this blush forward towards the center of your cheeks to give you some more warmth. Make sure the blush is concentrated in these places and not all over your face. We want it to look like blood is only running through certain areas on the face, not the whole thing!

06. Grab a black eyeliner pencil and line your lips. Yes, girlfriend, you heard us right. This is the best way to start off a black lip. Next, fill in your lips with the pencil.

07. Finally, go in with a black face paint, cream base, or even just black shadow and pack on the color to finish off the lip.

08. Slick back the top of your hair and bobby pin it behind your ear for that right-out-of-the-grave effect (our favorite.. obviously).

09.  It’s time for the most fun part. The fake blood, of course! You can purchase fake blood capsules at any party store. The best way to apply this neatly is to cut the top off of the capsule  and place it right over the area where you want your blood to run. Squeeze it so blood naturally spills out onto your face and let it drip a bit. It’ll dry naturally, but also feel free to put a blow dryer on the spot on a low setting if you’re trying to dry it quickly. Use a regular Q-tip to clean up any messy edges (but then again, we assume Vampires aren’t that neat when blood is on their mouths. Lady Gaga on American Horror Story, case-in-point).





The GALACTIC GIRL will teach you how to create shadows on the face and the best way to apply body glitter. She’s glitterful and gorgeous, and will give Zenon a run for her money.


01. After applying your natural foundation, grab a copper shadow and fluffy brush. The galaxy is all about shadows and light, right? That’s exactly what we’re going to mimic on the face. Simply follow the natural creases of your face, and draw a diagonal line from your left eyebrow to your right cheek. Make another line connecting your eyebrows (this is the cutest unibrow you’ll ever see, we can guarantee that).Make another line under your left cheek. All the lines should connect at the nose. You should look like you have a curved X drawn on the middle of your face.

02. Fill in these areas and make them look cloud-like. Use a photo of a galaxy for reference.

03. Next, go in with a silver shadow and place that all over your lid.

04. Using a metallic silver paint, cream base, or eyeliner, go over your copper shadow, only filling in portions of it. This will give the perfect illusion of a galaxy.

05. Remember that glitter you bought for that one art project you had that you never used again? If it’s silver, you’re in luck. You can pick some silver/holographic/sparkley white glitter from your local party or craft store in case you don’t have any!

06.  Spray your flat makeup brush with a setting spray (you can even use water or a primer), and place it into the glitter. Make sure it’s thickly packed on to the brush.

07. Apply the glitter in patches and build it up as you go. Continue it down the neck and onto the chest. (Feel free to go even more crazy and place it all over your body too!)

08. Grab that metallic eyeliner or paint and fill in your lips.

09. Finally, put your luscious locks up into some Zenon pigtails and grab a tattoo choker to finish off the look.




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