8 Tech Startups Every College Girl Needs To Know

So we don’t all live in Silicon Valley and we all don’t have time to stalk down the latest techie-news on the web, because A LOT is going on. The rate of new technological innovations is accelerating every day, and as incredible as these innovations may be, they don’t directly apply to us most of the times. So we are bringing you a round up of some of the hottest and most relevant tech that is dropping this year.

1. Amazon Dash

So Amazon, retail trendsetter in pretty much everything these days, released this video on April Fool’s Day and we almost thought it was a joke. Little buttons scattered around your house that quite literally summon new products from the Amazon stratosphere? But yes, we are pleased to say Amazon Dash is very real. The video pretty much explains it, but just in case you need more info, these tiny, adhering buttons turns your home into your own customized shopping center so you never run out of your staples. Reaching for your favorite shampoo and realize it is only 1/4 full, simply push the pre-programmed dash device and your new shampoo is ordered and on its way.  The program and device are still fairly new and only available to Prime members or invitation only, but we expect it may be the mainstream pretty soon.
Amazon also offers Amazon Dash based off Amazon Fresh. This similar program uses a hand held device that you can use to scan product barcodes or speak into to order over 500,00 products right to your home. Or, preprogram the device to reorder items at scheduled time increments so you don’t have to do any of the thinking.

2. Ringly

This fashionable tech piece allows users to stay connected to the things that matter most, while enjoying the moments that matter most. The ring syncs with your phone and uses four vibration patterns and five colors to notify you about those things that matter most. Program the ring to let you know when your next meeting is, when your mom calls, or when your package has arrived. Instead of being constantly connected to your phone, you’ll be notified when it matters most. And, unlike most wearable to tech on the market, Ringly is seriously chic.


3. Gracious Eloise

So we’ve heard competing ideas. Some people say it is best to send a handwritten thank you note, other people say it’s the 21st century, send your thank you via email. Well, Gracious Eloise combines the best of both. This service turns your handwriting into a computer font. You can then send digitized notes via email, that seem way more intimate, thanks to your handwriting splashed across the screen. It is old age meet new world in the best of ways. The service is primarily marketed to businesses, but there is no reason you shouldn’t get a piece of pie.


4. Wndrlust

Online shopping has been around for awhile, so it was about time for someone to change the flat shopping pages into an interactive experience where you can shop look books and videos. Simply choose one of the many designers or stores featured on the site, browse the visually, rich look books and click icons along the way to interact with clothing and the fashion’s story. Learn more about the products, brands, photographers, models, and locations. It makes shopping that much more fun, and your product that much more special and personal to you.


5. Diassess

One of the major issues with catching certain diseases is that testing is just too expensive and takes to long. But Diassess is a rapid DNA test. TechCrunch writes, “In less than 20 minutes, for under $10 and in 3 simple steps you can find out the results for STD’s, the flu or HIV from urine or saliva.” You can scan the private results instantly to your smartphone, and so far it has proven to be 100% accurate. It is real-time detection and diagnoses in the palm of your hand. It transforms your cell phone into a health monitoring system and makes consumers knowledgeable about their health.


6. Lully

Although not directly marketed to us, this product is super cool. We have all experienced night terrors as children, and sometimes the experience is even worse for parents. This device going into a child’s bed or crib and smartly monitors the child’s sleep with buzzing and other techniques to completely avoid night terrors. This is the real deal too. The product has handled over 8,000 nights of testing and stopped 90% of night terrors. Where was this when we were little?lully  And who knows the technology may be adapted to adults with sleep issues some day.


7. GrubMarket

GrubMarket is the number one online farmer’s market. The feel of an in person farmer’s market is great, but sometimes the prices, weather, and convenience is not. That is where GrubMarket comes in. Browse fresh, healthy, and total locally-produced goods online, then GrubMarket picks up the food and delivers straight to you. The company cuts out  wholesalers, distributors and grocers so the food is cheaper and the farmers get a bigger cut. With options ranging from homemade apple cider, to fresh macaroons, to Amish cheese, eating healthy and local has never been easier or more delicious. Sign us up!

8. Trunkster

So this viral kickstarter basically took every complaint you’ve ever had about luggage and used it to create the dream suitcase. It is zipperless, has integrated charging, a built in scale, and GPS tracking so you can’t lose your luggage. This is one of those products that makes you wonder why YOU never thought of something so ingenious. The quick access to compartments and totally streamlined design is lust-worthy and designed specifically for our generation of on-the-go travelers. And it’s available for pre-order!

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