The Soundtrack to Your Life (Literally)

At times, we all wish that there was a soundtrack to our life—a constant stream of music to carry us through our most traumatic and triumphant moments. Unfortunately, we haven’t invented a floating invisible boom box yet (hey you never know), but we can bring you a playlist complete with the scores and songs that hit all the right dramatic notes.

When you lose someone…

“Latika’s Theme”- Slumdog Millionaire

Composed by A.R. Rahman this humming track accented with Eastern fusion is as lush, meditative, and romantic as the film.

When you accept defeat (and embrace who are you along the way)…

“The Winner Is”… Little Miss Sunshine

This tune—uplifting yet melodramatic—perfectly mirrors the film’s peculiar vibe created by Mychael Danna and DeVotchKa. It is a mélange of folk and rock, and the result is oh so sweet.

When you overcome your adversaries…

“This Land”- The Lion King

Yes, we are throwing it all the way back to this Disney classic. But this song has some serious merit. Composed by Hans Zimmer, this song is the perfect rise from the ashes ballad—the ending is the best part. Picture yourself climbing and conquering the tallest mountain (metaphorically, of course).

When a new door opens…

“Forrest Gump Suite”- Forrest Gump

This piano suite has a sweet wistful vibe, that is swept up by a hopeful and refreshing theme. Perfect for putting the past behind you, and opening a new door to your future (just like Forrest did many a time).

When you need to remember…

“Variation in Blue”- Finding Neverland

Composed by Jan Kaczmarek, this score is is truly as magical as the film it carries. The sweet piano trills evoke nothing more than your very own Neverland. It is the perfect tune to reflect on all of life’s magical moments—good and bad.

When you are heartbroken…

“A Life so Changed” Titanic

Yes, this may be the ultimate cliché, but it is so well-known for a reason. James Horner’s soundtrack is emotionally charged, and this earthy song is the perfect song to cry your eyes out to after heartbreak.

When you fall in love…

“On the Lake”- The Notebook

This beautiful wind ensemble is full of elevation just like the rising feeling of love. Also, it doesn’t hurt to picture Allie and Noah’s epic kiss in the rain.

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