The Mask You Live In

As a fashion and lifestyle publication our key audience is generally female and many of our pieces are most pertinent to the female gender. This piece, however, is not entirely for the ladies but also for our brothers, friends and fathers.

In 2011 a non-profit organization known as Miss Representation came out with an award winning documentary which happens to be titled Miss Representation. This film discussed the lack of female presence in America’s media. Now a few years after their first film Miss Representation is at it with the creation of another documentary titled The Mask You Live In. This documentary aims to facilitate a better understanding of the extremity of masculinity in the US through media and how that affects boys and men alike.

Now Miss Representation’s first film got great feedback and brought more focus to this issue of female presence in media. Due to the widespread success of their first film there is incredible anticipation for this upcoming documentary that focuses on something that is even less talked about. Here at the Lala we believe that even if females are not the primary subject a deeper look at American masculinity is something all parties can benefit from.

This project is only in its beginning stages and if you want to either learn more or contribute to its production click here. While we don’t have too much information on the documentary we do know that its aim is “[t]o make a film that sparks a national conversation around masculinity and ultimately creates a more balanced, equitable society for all.” We also know this is going to pin point media’s portrayal of masculinity and most importantly the negative impact of such portrayal of masculinity. In the same way Miss Representation sparked such positive response we believe that The Mask You Live In will have an equally strong impact on the discussion for social equality.

And while our main anticipation is for this new film we’re also really excited for Miss Representation the organization! It’s so incredible to see the work they have done and the impact its leaders, such as Jennifer Siebel Newsom, have had on bringing awareness to social inequality. She’s an amazing lady (the writer, director, and producer of Miss Representation) who has once again proven that one person can do a lot of good.  As the key coordinator of The Mask You Live In Jennifer will once again shed light on social issues that so many media outlets fail to explore.  So Jennifer we owe you and your organization a standing ovation for doing what so many others won’t or haven’t.

If you have seen Miss Representation what feedback do you have about the movie? And for all our readers what are some points you expect to be brought up in The Mask You Live In?

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