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Statement Necklace D-I-Y (13)

Statement Necklace DIY

Summer is a time for Bold.  The colors are brighter, the prints are bigger and yes our jewelry tends to get chunkier. We…

Fancy Up Your French...Bread (3)

Artichoke bread

We love bread, it is a staple of every college students refrigerator. Cheap and easy to heat up or just grab on the go i…


The Ultimate NYC Dessert Guide

New York City. Whether you’re a local, a summer intern, or visiting the Big Apple for a weekend vacay, there’s always an…


Make Your Own Chai

You don’t have to rely on Starbucks’ Tazo chai mix to get your own café quality drink. With a few easily acc…

Cilantro Sausage Bites

This recipe was based off of one straight out of Audrey Perkins’ mother’s collection. We upgraded it with th…

New Music: Magic Man & The Novel Ideas

We’re in love. This past weekend we found two amazing bands: Magic Man, and The Novel Ideas. Just try and stop us from r…