Studios 101: Tips For Decorating A Tiny Apartment

Getting your first solo apartment can be a dream come true; the only dishes in the sink are yours, you don’t have to deal with sharing a bathroom and you can dance around in your underwear to your heart’s content. However, one of the downsides is that in order to afford your own place, you might be living in a teeny tiny studio.

Although the thought of having your living room area/work space/bed all in the SAME ROOM might sound weird, there are tons of smart hacks for making even the smallest apartment feel like a home. Check out our tips and tricks that will help beautify your place while maximizing the space.

1. Create different levels. Although you’re working with just one room, elevating your bed with a platform to create different levels will make the space seem bigger. You can buy a platform bed (like one of these from IKEA) or even make your own!

2. Break up the space. One of the best ways to organize the room is to break up your living space from your sleeping space with room dividers or a bookcase (which can also be used for storage). Bookcases are also a great way to create a kind of entryway to the apartment, as seen below.

3. Separate the “rooms.” To create a room within the room, mount ceiling-hanging curtains around your bed that can be opened and closed with ease. Area rugs can be used to visually define different “rooms,” and bookcases placed near the bed will create a makeshift wall.

4. Be strategic with storage space. Having clothes and knick-knacks scattered all over the place will make the room feel even smaller, so opt for furniture that doubles as storage space, like coffee tables, ottomans and beds that have storage underneath. Floating wall shelves are also a great option, as they can be used to organize your stuff without adding clutter.

5. Use a neutral color scheme. When in doubt, neutral tones are best, as they will make the space feel bigger and more open. Go for a simple color scheme with pops of color, like pretty plants or a bright throw pillow.

6. Go for white walls and long curtains. While walls are one of the easiest ways to make a room appear more spacious. If painting isn’t an option, you can use removable wallpaper, like these options from Dormify. For window decor, make sure to choose long curtains that start at the ceiling.

7. Get creative. Got an extra closet you’re not using? Turn it into a cute workspace! With a little problem solving and creative thinking, even the most boring apartment can be turned into somewhere amazing and cozy.

Kelsey Pomeroy

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