Let’s Stop “Introvert” and “Extrovert” Labeling

At the Lala, we’re always encouraging women in college to embrace themselves as they are. So, you can imagine how we feel when we see articles that associate being an introvert with depression and being an extrovert with attention-seeking tendencies. It’s one thing when someone with a doctorate in psychology is able to distinguish between different personality types, but why should we let society pressure us into defining our unique personalities? It’s time we put all that to rest. Introvert and extrovert? Those aren’t the only two personalities around. So here is my response to all the “reliable” personality tests that try to label people:intro extro 1

First off, with so many different personalities thriving in all you beautiful ladies, how does one even fathom the idea of one set definition for all the wonder that lies underneath? I myself have never been one to treat college like it’s one huge party. On the other hand, I can talk to strangers like I’ve known them for longer than a few minutes. As much as I love the sometimes humorous quizzes on Buzzfeed, I dare it to define me on that basis. Of course, Buzzfeed isn’t the only website guilty of those quizzes; there are personality tests that people pay good money for just to find out who they are. So I’ll take it up a few notches: I dare any quiz, website, or person to define me.
Allowing others to label us like this makes us subject to their otherwise irrelevant opinion. We learn things about ourselves as individuals each and every day. When we have so much more to learn about ourselves, it hardly makes sense for those that don’t even know us to title us as one thing. We shouldn’t be labeled as one thing because discovering new things about ourselves is more important than settling for a preconceived notion about a personality type. Of course, it is important to have an idea about the kind of people we really are, but it should be based on our own experiences decided by ourselves. There is no one out there that will ever know you better than you know yourself.
We are all kick-ass women here. We’re kick-ass when we lay in bed and watch a rerun of an entire season of Gossip Girl in one day; we’re kick-ass when we venture out into one of the busiest cities in the world as entrepreneurs in our twenty-somethings. So, I have a revised response for those oh-so intrinsically valuable quizzes that limit descriptions of the kind of people that we are:intro extro 2

Nousheen Rahman

Contributor, University of South Florida Major/Minor: Environmental Science and Policy/Communications Her heart belongs to: All things Harry Potter, food, and conversations with her best friend Her guilty pleasures: Melodramatic TV shows (looking at you Shonda Rhimes) and crushing the patriarchy

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