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Statement Necklace D-I-Y (1)Summer is a time for Bold.  The colors are brighter, the prints are bigger and yes our jewelry tends to get chunkier. We all have a soft spot for statement jewelry here at the Lala. Today we are going to teach you how to make your own.One of our favorite pieces we this summer comes from The LOFT (check it out below).

Statement Necklace D-I-Y (2)

We love the juxtaposition of the delicate crystal clarity and unyielding size. After looking at the price tag attached ($39.50) we thought it might be time to get a little creative and try a little good ole’ D-I-Y. Our inspiration may have started from one necklace but our little Statement Necklace D-I-Y turned out to be both more exciting and cost-effective than we had hoped for, so we ended up with 5 necklaces.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (3)Materials Needed:

  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Round Pliers
  • Wire Cutting Pliers
  • Jewelry Metal Set (Rose Gold)
  • Chain(Rose Gold)
  • Clear Beads
  • Nail Polish
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Extra Wire

Before we go any further let us just state that the total cost of materials amounted to less than thirty-dollars. That is the cost including everything except nail polish and nail polish remover.  We used around half of the materials and ended up with 5 necklaces. Just imagine the possibilities!Statement Necklace D-I-Y (4)Always, always, always plan before you start any D-I-Y project. In this case it means arranging the beads so you know where they connect. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to make metal loops to connect beads in a second.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (5)After arranging a stellar design start making metal loops for the beads. This is easiest if you cut wire, make a loop, string on bead then make a second loop to close off. Remember to cut the wire to an appropriate length before finishing the second loop, or else you will have excess metal scraping your skin.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (6)To make loops always use the round pliers, it will speed up the process dramatically.

After making the loops it is time to connect the beads. There are two ways to do this. The traditional method is to use metal rings (that come with your jewelry set) as a mediator between the loops on the beads. We learned after our 5 necklaces that it was best to just attach beads by their metal loops and only use the mediator metal ring when attaching three or more loops.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (7)Before fully attaching all the parts of your necklace consider adding some color to your beads. We can do this by painting one side of the bead. Make sure when you are attaching beads to each other and the chain the non-painted side of the bead faces out. This gives off the illusion that the beads are “naturally” colored.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (8)The hardest part of the project is out of the way by now. Next you need to cut the chain and attach it to the beaded part. Attach one end of the beaded segment to the chain; you can do this either by opening the beaded loop or by opening a loop on the chain, generally the chain is harder to open. Bring the chain around your neck to decide how long you want your necklace to be and cut the chain.Proceed to cut the chain in half and attach the other half of the chain to the other end of the beaded segment.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (9) To finish the necklace off pick a side of the necklace to add a clasp to.

We made 5 necklaces each with a slightly different pattern of design. Below we provide some tips based on the different designs.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (10)We were pleasantly surprised by our first product (this is the pink one featured in the three necklace image). This necklace utilized a bead that had two holes to put wire through. We think this design is a good way to wear statement jewelry to work. The design is more subtle and delicate. Note that when using beads that need two beaded loops the chain connecting the upper beaded loop needs to be shorter than the chain connecting the bottom beaded loop.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (11)This design was our attempt at replicating the essence of The LOFT necklace that was our inspiration.  We kept the beads clear and connected two separate beaded segments. Make sure to use a metal ring when connecting three or more parts. Also make sure to test the length of this necklace chain. If the length is incorrect the necklace can bunch up which really isn’t the look we are going for.We had to use a ton of metal rings on this necklace.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (12) When making a layered statement necklace we suggest being extra careful with your beaded loops. If the loops vary too much in size the loops can get all twisted up.Statement Necklace D-I-Y (13)The difference in cost between our necklaces and the statement necklaces on BaubleBar or Francesca’s is pretty big and we definitely found this Statement Necklace D-I-Y worth our time and money.


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