Why The “Spring Break Body” Is Totally Overrated

Ah, spring break. While some of us may be returning home to less than tropical climates, those of us who have the privilege of a trip to paradise might feel an odd yet strangely normalized sense of overwhelming panic.

If the very thought of ditching your winter coats and sweaters for a bikini sends you into complete distress and a serious reevaluation of last night’s pizza binge, take a deep breath and listen up.

The idea of the “Spring-Break bod” is overrated.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.46.11 PM Really any kind of “bod” is overrated and frankly unrealistic. The mere fact that everyone’s body is physiologically different makes the end goal literally unattainable. So then why is it that we see spring break as the opportune moment to unveil all our hard work?

While short-term goals are important for those of us just starting to revaluate our health and fitness – especially as we lose motivation in those winter months to be active – the idea of working for a body just to show it off for one week is not only unrealistic but unhealthy. Healthy living is a lifestyle.

No diet, cleanse, or workout can change that. Being healthy is a process that takes tiScreen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.48.20 PMme, a process that really is never finished and it’s not something that can be achieved by completing the “Spring Break Squat Challenge” found on Pinterest.

Not to mention the fact that in our rush to attain these “spring-break bods” girls have a tendency to resort to unhealthy option for loosing weight. This means starvation, juice cleanses, binge eating, and even bulimia. The result is a body that feels exhausted, frustrated and far from spring break ready.

While it’s okay to start with short-term goals – maybe by spring break you want to be able to run a 5k without stopping – the ideal “bod” should be one that is loved and taken care of by you. Your main purpose for health shouldn’t be centered around “unveiling” your body for others to judge. Your body shouldn’t be treated as a seasonal trend.

So start small; drink more water, grab a girlfriend and go to a spin class or maybe just take the longest route to class. No matter where you start in your journey towards a healthy body, remember that health and fitness are processes that take time and patience, your body is the only one you’ve got so be kind to it and if that’s the mindset you strive to have, you’re “spring-break bod” will look kick-ass no matter what.

Mckenna Polich

Hometown: Englewood, CO School: Boston College Major/Minor: English/Political Science, French Her heart belongs to: margaritas, soft smiles,abstract art, foreign accents and turtleneck sweaters

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