“Sorry I Look Like A Mess”: Six Words A Girl Should Never Say

#Truth. Have you ever apologized for looking like yourself? But not really consciously. What I mean is have you ever said, “Sorry I look like a mess,” when you go out without getting ready?

Do you ever feel guilty for showing up to a meeting without makeup on? Or hanging out with a group of friends without washing your hair or getting dressed up?

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we feel like we have to try so hard to look good, that we tend to apologize when we just look like ourselves. Why should we feel bad for going au naturale?

YouTuber IISuperwomanII just made the realest video about makeup, and how looking like yourself is not something you need to or should apologize for. Ever. Period.

Personally, I’ve apologized multiple times when I felt not “all done up” and never really stopped to think about how ridiculous that really is. What you look like is not something you should apologize for, because, like Lilly says, that’s not what really matters, your beauty is deeper than the outside.

So next time you feel like you have to say sorry for not wearing makeup, stop yourself and say, “I’m not sorry.”

Check out the video below:

Jane Potocki

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