We Smell A New Beauty Trend- Nose Art!

Featured image via Gianna Paola Jimenez

From the ancient Egyptians, who were arguably the first to ever master winged eyeliner, to the barely teenage YouTube beauty gurus of this generation; makeup has come a long way.

There was a time when makeup was primarily used to cover up flaws and other pesky problem areas. The purpose was for women to conceal all that were considered “imperfections” in order to land themselves closer to what was considered society’s standard of beauty.

Today we’re seeing a reversed makeup trend where women are often using products to enhance their so-called flaws such as moles, full eyebrows, and pouty lips. And now with the likes of celebrities and huge beauty campaigns taking the media by storm, makeup has taken on a new role as a form of artistic expression, and our generation is bolding embracing the change!

We’ve all seen the rise of some of the most unique makeup trends; i.e. drawn on freckles, squiggly eyebrows, and almost eye-blinding highlighters…but even with so many new looks, it seems like everyone skipped over the one thing that sits front and center of the face…your nose!

But now the days of an overlooked snout are behind us as the 2018 beauty community has introduced the world to the newest Instagram phenomenon; nose art! That’s right…if you’ve ever wanted to relive your face painting childhood, here’s your chance to get creative without looking like you’ve just left a carnival.

Not only are beauty fanatics using your everyday liners and contouring methods to non-surgically mock the look of a flawless nose job, but they’ve moved on to full blown masterpieces using colorful eyeshadow pallets, beautiful blushes, and in some instances, stencils, stickers, and rhinestones to complete this in-your-face, or should I say, “on-your-face” beauty statement.

If this trend still smells a little fishy to you, think of it as a DIY project, on your face.
Or better yet, check out some of my favorite examples of nose art created by freelance makeup artist Gianna Paola Jimenez; @iamgiannapaola:

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