Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Transform Spring Semester

It’s a new semester — Finals are over, we’re all a few pounds heavier (thanks, mom), and we have a fresh schedule. Spring semester is a chance to have another “first day of school” experience. A chance to keep the routine we built during the fall semester, but also take positive changes that will make college better.

Wash the dishes right after you use them

I own just about a million coffee mugs and by Friday night, I have a shelf full of dirty mugs. It takes a desperate deprivation of caffeine to make me wash one mug, let alone the rest of them. It’s good to get in the habit of actually washing dishes right after you use them, instead of letting them accumulate dust and 3-day old coffee stains (or worse, mold).

Get into the habit of cleaning in general

I am the infamous messy roommate, my bed acts as my closet and my desk is my laundry bin. This semester I have made a vow to keep my clothes in the closet, and generally, clean the dorm more often. Mess and clutter in your room also reflect your state of mind, even making your bed every once in a while can help you feel centered and ready.

Stop texting: Call more often

We tend to claim that we are too busy to talk sometimes, which can be true. When we do find the time it’s usually a quick text or Facebook birthday message. But texting is easy, we’ve lost the joy of calling people out of the blue. And not just your close friends from high school, but your great aunt, or your favorite cousin. We all have the time to spend a few minutes on the phone with the people we love.

Get off campus

I get caught up in campus life sometimes. Campuses are designed to have pretty much everything you need — coffee shops, groceries, my campus even used to have a hair salon. I spent a lot of time my fall semester complacent with campus life that I forgot that I was in a bustling city that begged to be explored. Find a coffee shop off campus, walk to the grocery store

But also, stay in more

Take a weekend for yourself, stay in the dorms and have a girls night, catch up on homework or a TV show you never finished. Don’t get caught up on the stigma that every weekend needs to begin with a pre-game, and end with a hangover. Remember, JOMO > FOMO.

Get involved on campus

Remember that club fair that you missed during the fall? There’s always a chance to get involved now even if you missed a semester. Who knows the difference you can make if you don’t put yourself out there?

Keep in touch with old professors 

The relationships we make with our professors are invaluable tools for our future. They can offer us more than letters of recommendation, they know the ins and outs of their fields, and have good advice for college and beyond. Take advantage of their office hours, and keep in touch.

Find a new place to study

Although our coveted study spots are usually where our most conducive work happens, finding a new space to study is like buying a new planner. A clean slate that allows you to focus better, with no old distractions.

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