Short Girls Unite: Our Favorite Celeb’s Actual Heights

**For this article, ‘short’ refers to people 5’ 3” and under**

Are you short? Are you dating someone short? Do you know anyone who is short? If so, then this article is for you!

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m short. To put it in perspective, I’m maybe 5’ 1” on my tallest day. When you’re that short, you often hear comments like, “You’re so adorable” and “Aren’t you just the cutest thing?” Please stop it! Those comments are fine if you’re referring to a child or a puppy, but not when you’re speaking to a college student. I know people mean it as a compliment, but it’s frustrating when those are the only flattering words they think to use, especially when you hear them call others around you “gorgeous” or “sexy.”  Those words shouldn’t have a height requirement. There’s no carnival ride type chart saying, “You must be this tall to be considered ‘stunning’ or ‘beautiful.’”

Obviously, looks shouldn’t define how you see yourself, but you can’t deny that some words are more empowering. A lot of it has to do with the context of the situation. If you’re going someplace casual like the movies and someone says, “You look cute,” that’s a nice compliment, but if you’re going to a formal event, like, prom, it’s genuinely disheartening when all you get is, “You look cute.”

A major part of why it’s difficult for short people to be seen as “stunningly attractive” is because movies make celebrities seem larger than life. Hollywood gives the impression that only taller people are “glamorous.” That’s completely false and to prove it, here are some stunningly beautiful celebrities who are or were 5’ 3” and below.

Judy Garland |  4’ 11”

Natalie Wood | 5’ 0”

Jada Pinkett Smith | 5’ 0”


America Ferrera | 5’ 1”

Ellen Page | 5’ 1”

Melissa McCarthy | 5’ 2”

Amy Poehler | 5’ 2”

Salma Hayek | 5’ 2”

Rebel Wilson | 5’ 3”

Lucy Liu – 5’ 3”

So next time you want to compliment someone who’s short, don’t default into only saying “cute” or “adorable.” Short people are “beautiful,” “sexy,” “hot,” “gorgeous,” and “stunning!”

Lea Ciastko

Editorial Contributor, Columbia College Chicago Major: Musical Theatre Her heart belongs to: Disney and Disney/Pixar, Gene Kelly, and making people laugh You can find her: talking to her parents, re-watching her favorite movies and TV shows, and working out to Broadway cast albums

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