Seven Cool Ways To Rock Tie-Dye This Weekend

Two simple words: tie.dye. We love it. It’s fun, it brings life to just about any outfit, and it’s an excuse to fashionably rewind time and pretend we’re living in the 1960s? Count us in. Whether it’s rainbow swirls, variations of specific colors or pastels, we’ve come up with seven cool ways to incorporate tie-dye into your wardrobe this weekend. Get ready, get set, get swirly! 

1. For the beach-goer this weekend: Tie-Dye Halter


Fluorescent and vibrant, this is the perfect for the beach weekender. We love how seamlessly this will look over our swimsuits, and the halter is perfect for getting that much-needed shoulder tan. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be the tie-dye-goddess of their beach this weekend?

2. For the date night this weekend: The Tie-Dye Romper


For date nights, we recommend not going with full-out rainbow, but instead, to go for a softer version of tie-dye, namely, just one color. We lala-love this combo of teal and navy because of how wearable and versatile it can be. Dressed up with a fun pair of heels or dressed down with some white converse will really make this outfit chock full of personality.

3. For a BBQ or party this weekend: Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt


Not only do we love maxis for obvious reasons, we especially love them when they’re tie dye. Similar to the date night romper, we recommend not going full-out rainbow with this, instead, this skirt will do just the trick with one or two colors tie-dyed.

4. For the edgy urbanite: This Tie-Dye Skeleton Tee


This one goes out to all of you edgy city folk: we love this grey tee with a subtle pop of tie-dye in skeleton form! This type of tee is absolutely perfect to rock tie-dye without going overboard.

5. For the weekend concert go-er: These Tie-Dye Shorts

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.54.07 PM

Pastel and washed out, we love these shorts for a concert-goer this weekend. Laid back and comfortable with a cool pattern?  WANT. NOW.

6. For the sports girl this weekend: The Tie-Dye Sneakers


Even though these look super ombré rainbow, we still consider them tie-dye beauties. We think these are perfect for any sports occasion you might be having this weekend. Plus, these white laces will really make them pop on a bright summer day.

7. For the Netflix-watcher: These Tie-Dye Socks

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 2.21.36 PM

Lounging at home and binge-watching Orange Is The New Black this weekend? Rock some tie-dye while your at it with these rainbow swirl socks. Who says you can’t dress cute while watching Netflix? No one. That’s right. 

All Images pulled from Tumblr. 

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