Romantic Movie Quotes That Would Be SO Awkward IRL

We all have a movie we’re obsessed with. A movie so down right, embarrassingly gushy and romantic that we can barely admit it to our best girlfriends. The kissing in the rain, damsel in distress, fairytale that is so, so over the top, yet still leaves us wishing it would happen to us. But what if we did try and make it happen? What if we used those iconic lines to confess our love in real life? Would our crushes sweep us up and live happily ever after?

Well, no. I found out the hard way. I’ve tried out two of the quotes below (can you guess which ones?) in previous relationships only to find that my partners looked me with the weirdest looks ever. I was looking for a passionate kiss in the rain, not laughter. Although the turnout was not what I imagined, I would highly recommend testing out some of these lines on your BF/GF to see how they react. We can almost guarantee they’ll dump you for being delusional. But hey, they may actually whisk you off in a horse drawn carriage.


1) “You have bewitched me body and soul.” –Pride and Prejudice

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