Reset And Recharge: Making The Most Of Winter Break

Ah, finally: the end of another semester is upon us! Many of us probably already have plans on how to celebrate their hard work, from spending time with their family and friends to catching up on sleep–the usual R&R routine.  My plan, however, is focused on a different kind of R&R. No traditional rest and relaxation for me: I’m planning to reset and recharge.

Don’t get me wrong: relaxing is super important, especially after the mad dash that final exams puts everyone in.

For me though, as a type A kind of gal, I need to completely reset and recharge so that I’m ready for the next challenge, be it the new semester or a big opportunity waiting for me on campus. And for the ambitious college girl, I know that the process of getting ready for the next big thing is crucial.

So what’s the magic spell for coming back refreshed and ready for success?

I’ve narrowed it down to three major steps which can be interchanged or completely swapped out. Either way, they are great places to start.

Step One: Organize

Get ready to get in formation, girls. After the end of a long semester, when your schedule is essentially screwed up and your room a hot mess, taking time to set things straight is super important. It’s also a great way to prep for the next semester!

A great place to start with this is your living space. Say you’re going home for the holidays and not at your dorm or off-campus apartment. Before you leave, deep clean as much as you can. For one thing, it means less work to do when you come back (score!); for another, it’s always nice to walk back into a clean, de-cluttered space after a nice break and a long stressful semester. It’s the kickoff to a kickass semester.

After deep cleaning your space, move to your planner/bullet journal/sticky note collection. Now’s the time to tally up your accomplishments, check off your to-do list, and scribble out the unattainable. It’s also a great time to reflect on your organization style and use that method to start planning for next semester. (Don’t do this all at once, of course– there’s plenty of time over break to do so. Save it for a moment where you want to be productive but also want to relax: you can do this while your favorite Netflix show plays in the background!)

Step Two: Makeover

This is where  “reset” comes into major play. Usually, when I hear the word “makeover,” I think of that dramatic transformation from the Princess Diaries…but that’s not what I mean. No, this is about changes, both big and little, that don’t necessarily have to do with your appearance, unless you want them to.

The nice thing about break? There’s usually enough time to start a major change so that by the time you return to campus, you feel shiny and new, but geniune. For me, it’s a haircut: knowing that I’ll be stunning my friends with a new look makes me feel invincible and awesome. For you, it could be picking up a new healthy habit, a new hobby, a new experience, a new style–anything that makes you feel amazing, as long as it is true to you.

This is also a great place to start setting goals for the next semester too, because you’re making over your life. Curious about a campus organization, a sorority, or an internship? Set a goal to check it out and pursue it! Want to improve your grades? Look up and try study tips now so you’re not stressed later! Do little things and change your life.

Step Three: Catch Up!

And now for the “recharge” bit! Catching up can mean anything for you: catching up on sleep, or with friends, or on your favorite show…the list goes on and on. I know that I’ll be catching up on writing my novel since I have free time and no conflicting assignments preventing myself from losing myself in my work.

In this case, it may be best to focus on an activity you won’t be able to do during the semester. That way, you won’t feel resentful towards yourself or your work later, and you can be content with knowing that you accomplished what you needed/wanted!

This is also the step that self care falls into and is therefore perhaps the most important step. After all, what’s the point of organizing and making over your life if your mental/physical/emotional health isn’t the best? Take care of yourself–the rest will follow.

No matter how you recover from this semester and prepare yourself for the next, make sure that you’re doing it for YOU.

No one else will benefit from your reset and recharge. Just you. Rock it.

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