RECESS: The Music + Ideas Fest for College Entrepreneurs

Let’s talk about RECESS.

No, not the TV Show.

Or the midday break you get in third grade to trade Pokemon cards on the playground.

But Mark Cuban’s RECESS.

The music + ideas festival that brings together successful entrepreneurs, the coolest new start ups and the hottest acts in music to inspire the next generation of world changing entrepreneurs.

Inspiring the next generation of world changing entrepreneurs? Yeah, girlfriend, that’s you.


It’s no secret entrepreneurship is hot right now. We already know your plotting to quit your future accounting gig, come up with the new Whatsapp and sell that sucker for 19 billion.

RECESS is an awesome opportunity for college innovators. Take it from me, the adrenaline of entrepreneurship is addicting, and getting involved in college is the coolest career move you can make.

Calvin Harris CEN Article

But hey, maybe you don’t even consider yourself an entrepreneur. Maybe you just love super career-driven people, networking and sweet music festivals. That’s cool too. Because that’s exactly what RECESS offers.

Here’s how it works- if you nominate your school, RECESS shows up for a day long music and idea festival. Think SXSW for your campus. The one-day event has 4 parts:

1.) The Playground: This isn’t your typical career fair. It’s a networking event where you can meet with some of the coolest startups and companies today. Oh hello, it’s nice to meet you Pandora, Uber and NYTimes.

2.) Study Hall: A chance to hear success stories from the greats in an intimate, chilled-out speaker series. They’ve got experience, advice and yes— the keys to your dream jobs. (Like the Head of Music at Twitter or the COO of Pencils of Promise.)

3.) Pitch: If you’re looking to do the whole sell your ingenious idea to Google for 19 billion like we mentioned earlier, here’s your start. This pitch competition is your op to pitch your idea to investors, mentors and industry influencers. The perfect way to accelerate your idea to the big time. * Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with pitch finalist Vanessa Gabriel from Wndrlust soon!

4.) Concert: The cherry on top. At the end of the day, RECESS brings in artists for a kickass concert. Like legit artists that your spring weekend can’t even compete with. We’re looking at you DIPLO, Calvin Harris, 3LAU.


We know we’re sold. We know you’re sold. How do we get your school on the list? Email RECESS founder Deuce (cool name, we know) at [email protected]

And in the meantime, work on that business plan, and get inspired on the RECESS youtube channel . (Like a career-focused TedTalks for us entrepreneur types.) Start with this awesome talk from DIPLO here. For more info check out the RECESS page

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