Why We Love Blanket Scarves

Big, cuddly, and comfortable. Three words to describe the newest most fun flowing trend this season, the blanket scarf. A blanket scarf, just as the name implies are scarves that are so large they can basically be used as a blanket. This versatile winter trend is by far one of our favorites this year! But how do you wear this oversized scarf without looking like you’re being swallowed by loads of plaid fabric. Listen up ladies, it’s time to embrace the blanket scarf trend with these versatile ways to wear a blanket scarf!

You Can Wear It As a Simple Wrap Around

With this look you simply loop the scarf around your neck and arrange it so the fabric isn’t too bulky. Style this simple wrap around with a fur vest to add a little edge to your look. Taking simplicity to the next level.

fur vest

fur collage

You Can Wear It As A Belted Cape

Take your blanket scarf to the next fashion level by just draping the fabric over your shoulders and belt at the waist. You now have a makeshift coat and an outfit that will draw a crowd of looks. Add a fun floppy hat to top it off. Simple as that!

belted hat

belted hat collage

You Can Wear It Draped

This is by far the easiest possible way to wear your blanket scarf. Just drape it right over your shoulders, add a fedora, and a cute accessory and you’re ready for some Rodeo Drive shopping!

fedora and scarf

fedora collage

You Can Wear It As a Makeshift Poncho

For that no worries hipster vibe just tie your scarf over one shoulder, wear an easygoing denim shirt and head out for a nature walk in style.


casual collage

You Can Wear It As a Triangle Fold

For this infinity scarf look, you simply fold your scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck. Folding your scarf into a triangle makes the fabric less bulky, and allows you to stop traffic with a fun flirty dress, while being oh so extremely comfortable.

This is a 2015 winter trend that will keep you warm and will make you look fabulous.


dress collage

fur vest collage

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