A Quick History Of Bachelorette Parties

Put away the wine and roses, Chris Harrison. I’m not talking about our favorite guilty pleasure TV show. I’m talking about our favorite pre-wedding ritual, the bachelorette party. Whether you call them bachelorettes, hen parties, stagettes, girls’ nights out, the name doesn’t really matter, we’re in!

The first bachelor parties date back as far as Sparta and were actually formal dinners hosted by the groom’s family to toast his future. Times sure have changed from that to today with nights out resembling The Hangover, or even making that look tame. But it wasn’t until the 60’s that girls started having bachelorette parties to match the men. #Equality

Although bachelorettes were popular, Cosmo didn’t even use the term “bachelorette party” until 1998. This was 14 years after Tom Hanks starred in a movie devoted entirely to bachelor parties. The latest trend, bachelorette weekends, might be here to stay. What better excuse for a girls’ weekend than a friend getting married?

So what if the stereotypical rowdy party isn’t for you? Should you skip the bachelor party? No- Just do you. Girls lunches, spa days, or even just dinner at your fav restaurant are all ways to celebrate! The wedding is all about the happy couple, but nothing will ever replace your best girls. So grab the “bride tribe” and celebrate how you and your friends do best.

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