Problems Every Fashion Girl Faces In Winter

If you (a) compliment strangers on their print mixing capabilities (b) reference bloggers like they’re your childhood friends or (c) would risk jail time to raid Gigi Hadid’s wardrobe, congratulations. You have merited a spot in the wonderfully well dressed group of style enthusiasts who thrive off of the ways of the fashion world. You’re a “fashion girl”, and we’re not here to judge, we’re here to join because not so surprisingly, we fangirl over Gigi too.

But let’s face it, as fabulous as our style may be, fashion girls have their fair share of struggles, among them explaining why we spent $300 on that Balmain x H&M jacket or why binge watching the NYFW livestream is worth skipping a night out. But above all else, the struggle becomes most real when the weather becomes most brutal: winter. Your slip-on sneakers can’t handle the snow, your freshly cut lob leaves your neck to brace the cold, and even though you personally know you can rock those earmuffs, no one else believes in your abilities. Winter is the worst, but maybe with this list of complaints, we’ll get through it together.



Photo by Anna Schultz

2. Winter whites are always a good staple, but you quickly learned not to pair them with a cup of coffee.

3. Your vest collections gets out of hand and you don’t have enough sleeves to keep up.


Photo by Carly Hutchcraft

5. That cat eye you spent 8 minutes perfecting? It only took 2.5 seconds to turn into a raccoon eye once you stepped outside.

6. You could have sworn the roads were clear but ended up jumping around snow slush to save your Franco Sarto boots.


Photo by Alexis Tokarski


Feature Image via Anna Thetard

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