The Power of Hozier

One song can change a person’s life. Whether it’s the ability to relate to the lyrics or the powerful instrumental background, something clicks. We at the LaLa are introducing you to an artist whose music can change a life: Hozier.

The 24-year-old Irishman, Andrew Hozier Byrne, was born in Bray, County Wicklow. Raised on the building blocks of popular music, Hozier’s music combines the influences of soul, blues, and jazz. His talent and determination began as a teen when he taught himself how to play the guitar and piano.

What makes Hozier stand out from other artists is his creative mind. “Listen to any song, from any era; and you’re looking through a keyhole into the artist’s world as seen through their eyes. Art is, in it’s simplest form, the reproduction of the world around us. All artists reproduce their vision of the world, and in doing so create a document that reflects the times they live in,” Hozier says on his Facebook page. Hozier creatively and powerfully accomplishes the same through his music.

In 2013, Hozier released his first EP with the lead track “Take Me To Church”. Intended to speak against any construct that condemns sexuality, his lyrics criticizes the rules of the church so intrinsic to Irish culture. The music video went viral overnight, as it speaks powerfully of the reality. This track best captures Hozier’s ability to change a life. The song starts slow with a minor chord before progressing under his soulful and haunting voice. By the time the track reaches the strong chorus, you find yourself closing your eyes, slowly moving to the music – and singing out loud.


Hozier released his second EP in March, Eden EP. His debut solo album, Hozier, is expected to release September 19, 2014.

So, how will this artist impact you? There’s only one way to find out…

Elyce Heffez

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  1. I absolutely loved this song when I first heard it but I had not seen the music video or really known the message behind the lyrics. Thank you Elyce for writing this article; it’s inspired me to look a little bit further into this artist.

    As you say Hozier is representing the world he grew up in through his art, through his song, and that is one that has been culturally oppressed by the rule of the Church. Based on the images in Hozier’s video, he seems to also be making a direct statement against the cruelty of homophobic crime that is common in Russia. I find it interesting how Hozier, whether purposefully or not, has made a connection between these two very different worlds. What about Hozier’s original motive in writing this song made him want to make such a bold political statement in his music video?

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