“Politicizing Beyonce” & 6 Other Unusual College Courses We Want To Take

For many, a large majority of the classes we take in college pertain to standard, core requirements. While each school has tailored their core curriculum to be specific and interesting to their university, it goes without saying that there are typically overlaps in what we all take. Although it’s necessary to get in those requirements before graduating, you might feel a little bored come your third History or English class. Some schools are taking note of this boredom and spinning their course catalogs to offer a few fun and quirky classes. Out of the nation’s most unusual classes, the lala has picked 7 courses that are turning heads! These classes are so unique that they’re tempting us to sign up today…

1) Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé

(Rutgers University)

This class analyses Beyoncé through a political lens, juxtaposing her music and career with the politics of class, race, gender, and sex. Through close readings, this Rutgers University course positions Beyoncé as a “progressive, feminist, and even queer figure.”

2) Create Your Own Religion

(Alfred University)

Many students use college as an opportunity to explore their beliefs, both spiritually and religiously. While most schools offer classes on common religious studies, Alfred University takes the cake for the most unique offering. “Create Your Own Religion” allows students to explore their beliefs and disbeliefs in a non-judgmental, unbiased environment. Students discuss their ideas surrounding god, the afterlife, morality, truth, spirituality, gender, and community.

3) Texts & Contexts: Oprah’s Book Club

(Fordham University)

This class focuses on “the biggest book club in the world”: Oprah’s Book Club. The course traces the success of her massively popular book club, analyzing what it takes to be the largest book club in the world. Fordham students will study the formation, rise, and controversies of OBC.

4) Tree Climbing

(Cornell University)

Where was this class when we were completing PE credits in high school?! Cornell University offers a variety of PE classes, but our favorite is the Tree Climbing course. For the “rainforest canopy [researcher], [the] arborist, or just a kid at heart” this class teaches the ins and outs of tree climbing. From equipment knowledge and intricate technique, this class will leave you a tree climbing expert.

5) How to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity

(Oberlin College)

This unusual Oberlin College course studies beauty pageantry, beginning with the 1920s continuing into the present. The course positions beauty pageants as a “unique site for the interplay of race, gender, class, sexuality, and nation.” To top it off, the class concludes with a visit to a pageant in Ohio!

6) The Art of Walking

(Centre College)

Walking: we do it every day, but have you ever thought about studying it? This Centre College course provides students with in-depth readings of the art of walking (including works by Dickens, Wordsworth, and others), as well as daily walks. There is an additional study of the philosophy of art, with walks into parks, gardens, and museums.

7) The Vampire in Literature and Film

(University of Wisconsin- Madison)

For the lover of all things vampire, this University of Wisconsin Madison class focuses on the image of the vampire. The course traces the vampire’s presence in literature, visual arts, and as a metaphor within Eastern Europe and the Slavic world. This class is not for the faint-hearted!

Ruby Buddemeyer

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