Our Pledge

You’re brilliant. You’re beautiful. And now you’ve finally found a website that matches that dazzling personality of yours.

Welcome to the Lala. Although we’re a fashion and lifestyle publication, we don’t play by the rules of other online mags. Here’s the thing: Media is tough on women. Especially college women.

From “How to Lose the Freshman 15” to “Girls Gone Wild” to dare we say it, Googling the term “college girls” there’s definitely something up. At the Lala, we believe college women are rockstars and that they should be represented that way.

We’re talking future lawyers, doctors, humanitarians, mothers, teachers, journalists, politicians here. You know the kind of women who move the world forward. And we’re talking about a media landscape that doesn’t promote them.

So the Lala’s doing something about it.

We’re the type of editorial creatives who believe in content, real content. For women who are you guessed it real.

That’s why we’re making it our mission to pump some much-needed positivity into the media today.

College women have the tools, resources and smarts to shake it up. We can, and so like any determined 20-something, we will.

From all original photography to real college models and authentic female perspectives, we pledge that everything we publish is pro-girl power and pro-you.

Because what the world really needs right now is to celebrate what college students are all about— Style, Substance & Spirit.