How To Play The ‘New Girl’ True American Drinking Game

Move over Spoons.

How many times have you watched New Girl and thought to yourself, “What is that drinking game they play?” “Is True American like a real drinking game or one made up for the show?” “Are there actual rules?” “”Why am I not best friends with them?”

Girlfriend, Happy summer, we found the actual directions to True American here. Although you won’t actually be jumping on couch cushions and funneling beers with Nick Miller, it’s nearly just as fun with your own friends.

From the website, this is the gist I got: You’re gonna need a lot of surfaces to stand on, a lot of beer to drink, and a really elementary understanding of history. Also, the directions are pretty spotty. Which gives you a little wiggle room in terms of adding new rules. Yay, drunk ingenuity.

In reality, the New Girl cast even admitted that they made up most of the rules while filming the True American scenes.

Check out the rules here.

Just so you know: You must be 21+ to drink alcoholic beverages. Drink responsibly. 

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