How To Pencil In Your Eyebrows (Without Looking CRAZY)

It’s no secret that eyebrows are big right now. The days of over plucked sparse brows are behind us (thank god.) Everyone is rocking fuller brows and it’s truly a beautiful thing. But let’s face it, not everybody can be Cara Delevingne. Most of us need a little help in the eyebrow department, and that’s where the eyebrow pencil comes in.

I can’t even begin to explain how much filling in your eyebrows will change your face… and your life. Filling in your eyebrows can be a little daunting at first, but never fear! Here are six tips to help you pencil in your brows without looking crazy.


1) The Right Shade

In order to properly fill in your eyebrows you are going to need the right tool. Make sure that you find the correct shade of pencil for your hair color. Makeup experts say blondes should go a shade or two darker than their hair, and brunettes should go a shade or two lighter for the most natural look. Be careful about going too dark or too red, as these are easy mistakes to make. Finding the right color is something that may take time to get exactly right so try not to worry too much about it, eventually you will know exactly which shade suits you best.

2) Pencil Quality

A good quality eyebrow pencil is important because it will affect the pigmentation, the lasting power, the blending and the overall look of your brows. It can take time to find the right pencil for you so don’t give up hope! Buying a quality eyebrow pencil doesn’t have to break the bank either. If you’re an eyebrow beginner, or just don’t want to drop $21.00 on the Anastasia Brow Wiz, there are PLENTY of wallet friendly eyebrow pencils out there as well. The Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel and the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil are my personal favorites for drugstore eyebrow pencils. Make sure your pencil is always well-sharpened and you’ll be all good to go!

3) Grooming

It’s crazy how much easier it is to fill your brows in when they are properly groomed. There’s no need to go overboard, you still want to have actual hairs. But a little cleanup around your eyebrows and a trimming can seriously do wonders. Whether you wax, pluck or get your brows done professionally, grooming your brows will ensure that they are easier to fill in and that they look a hell of a lot more fierce.

4) Color Inside The Lines

Not that a little overdrawing ever hurt anybody, but a little goes a long way when it comes to penciling in your eyebrows. You want to follow your natural eyebrow shape in order for your brows to fit your face. A little enhancement of what you already have makes for on point brows, but completely penciling outside the lines is another story altogether. Your brows are no place to get creative, ladies!

5) Start light and build

The thing with makeup is, it’s easier to add than it is to remove. If you’re nervous about your brows looking too dark, start off really light! This way you can get an idea of how much pressure to use with your specific pencil and which hand motions work the best. You can build onto your brows at any point so don’t worry about starting off small and working up to bolder brows when you feel comfortable.

6) Blending

If you’ve never heard of a spoolie brush, it’s about to become your eyebrows’ new best friend. Spoolie brushes come on the ends of some eyebrow brushes but are sold separately as well. They are extremely helpful in making the pigment of the makeup blend into your brows, and softening any harsh lines for a nice natural look. Spoolie brushes will also help in making your brows more tidy, as they comb through the hairs ensuring they look completely on fleek.


So maybe you’re not born with it. But who cares? Thin or thick brows, using an eyebrow pencil is sure to step up your eyebrow game, enhancing the framing of your face and giving you an extra dash of confidence.


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