The Party Girl’s Guide To A Safe Semester

I live in an apartment about 15 minutes from school, and the other night I decided to roll through campus after work to scope out the scene.

I saw freshmen dressed to the nines, falling over each other laughing, slightly tipsy, marking the start of the night. It made me super nostalgic for the beginning of freshman year, and suddenly I wanted to be linked arm-in-arm with my best friends going to the first parties of the season.

My second reaction was to stop and give them a few words of advice. It’s a fun, yet big world out there. For me, going to school in the middle of Chicago means it’s especially important to stay safe, but get hella crazy and hella turnt too because what is freshman year for?

Before you put on that winged eyeliner to get ready for the night, take a few minutes to read some tips from one party girl to the next.

Tally the number of drinks/shots you take.

When my roommate first introduced this to me, I thought she was the smartest person ever. I know from experience that it’s super easy to get ahead of yourself and start taking multiple shots before you actually feel them start to kick in. My friends and I started tallying our hands or arms every time we took a drink so not only were we pacing ourselves, but we were staying at the same level so none ever got too out of hand.

Make sure you have a CHARGED phone.

Everyone is always going on about the buddy system which is great, but in today’s world, an iPhone is a girl’s best friend. You never know when you’re going to need to get directions to walk your ass home, order an Uber, or when you need to locate that friend who decides to ditch you to make out with her random hookup. It sounds so simple but I’m that person whose phone is constantly on 5% which is super stressful when you’re trying to get home safely. Portable chargers are heaven sent.

Download the Companion app.

This app is freaking awesome. Here’s the deal in a nutshell: When walking at home at night, it asks you to put in your location, destination, and some contacts that will receive this info, along with your local campus safety/police department. A green button pops up at the end of your journey for you to indicate you’ve arrived home safely. The app is also able to determine if there are any weird sudden movements that could be assault, if this is the case it will notify your companions. This way you really NEVER walk home alone.

Check it out

Make a not-so-obvious signal with your friends.

When your friends are drunk, and that weird guy keeps hitting on you, they might think you’re into him and not realize he’s a total creep. Make some kind of signal, even if it’s a one-word text so they really get the hint. Going along with that, don’t take one for the team if your girl is trying to get with a guy, and you’re having to play wingman with his friend. Give her a warning signal if you need to leave. She will get over it, and it’s worth it for your safety/sanity. More beautiful (respectful) guys with equally beautiful friends are sure to be found.

Watch yo liquor. 

This may seem like the obvious, but you’d be surprised what you can forget once you’ve got that first tequila shot down. Please please please, don’t take random shots/drinks from stranger. Watch them pour it out and hand it to you in a cup. I actually witnessed a pretty traumatic experience regarding this. My friend’s roommate starting acting super strange, and puking after only a couple of drinks, one which was presented by a rando.

Long story short she was okay, and a beautiful, sweet foreign guy ended up helping her and took her to sit in the middle of the quad to sober up. He even helped them practice swiping into their dorms (pretty adorable.) Their ending worked out but you never know what could happen, drugging drinks is a pretty serious issue ladies!

Be super, duper, ultra-aware of your surroundings.

If you show up to a party, and you feel like you’re one of the only ladies in the room (yes, this has happened to me and my gals), casually leave. It’s not fun to be with a bunch of bros. It’s kind of like 8th grade dance all over again where you just awkwardly stand in the corner. It also is probably a little sketch because either this party is lame as hell or it could become uncomfortable. Say you have to go rescue a friend from a different party, dip out, and on to the next one. Post-party, when you’re walking home, if you feel unsafe, pop into a McDonalds, or 7/11 for a few minutes and call a cab or an Uber. Being extra safe is always a great choice. Paying the price of a cab is worth it when you’re talking about safety. (And if you’re lucky, your parents may just agree and hand over their credit card numbers to ensure you get home safely.) 


Parties are FUN, they’re great, they’re social, you make one-night best friends and you make lifetime best friends. You bond with people you may never see again about the most random things. You dance ’til your feet can’t feel the ground, you smile a lot, you take ridiculous pictures. Come in strong and confident with this list of rules in your back pocket. Let these all be super amazing experiences, where you always have a story to tell and laugh about through your hangover the next morning. Let the fun begin!

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