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At the Lala, we absolutely love DIYs. Especially as college students or first-time apartment owners, really simple and pretty DIYs can make that apartment feel like a home. Painted wooden spoons are a fun addition to every kitchen! This one cost us less than $15 and only took a few hours! It definitely makes cooking all of those dessert recipes more fun.

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What you need:

Wooden spoons/utensils


Painters tape

Craft paint (we used metallics, but any color scheme works!)

Foam brushes

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Step One: Tape the stripes on the bottom of your handles. You can go as far up as you want, but we went about halfway. We like making the stripes different sizes (and even used the scissors to cut some really thin pieces of painters tape). Make sure to really take your time and press the tape onto the wood, to prevent the paint from bleeding under the edges.

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Step Two: Paint! You can try different color combinations and patterns. Here is your chance to get creative! We really loved the combination of different metallics.

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Step Three: Let the paint dry for about 10 minutes. Add another coat if you feel like it’s needed. (We did two coats.) Then let the paint dry again, this time for at least two hours. We left ours overnight just to be sure!

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Step Four: Remove the tape. Go slowly when you do this so that the paint doesn’t peel up. It should come off relatively easily though!

painted wooden spoons7

Step Five: Enjoy! We love wrapping these up and giving them to a friend as a house-warming gift. They also look so great displayed in a jar on our counters.

painted wooden spoons8

We did discover some great tips while we were doing this DIY that you could keep in mind:

  • When you paint, dab it on as opposed to painting in strokes. It will help prevent bleeding and brush marks
  • Our paint did bleed a little bit (which we don’t mind, it gives a more DIY, rustic look!) but if it bothers you, use a small brush after you remove the tape to fix the edges
  • Use bowls to lay your spoons on as they are drying! Just be careful not to get any paint on the actual bowls

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