How One Woman’s Tumblr Post Launched A Pop Up Shop For Periods

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi said it. We like to tweet it. In fact, us headstrong, fearless women love to use social media as a tool for revolution. But with every call to action we post, do any of us believe a simple 140 character complaint and a reblog on tumblr can make significant waves in society?

The answer is yes. 100%, no doubts about it. Take Sarah M., an average, NYC college student, for example. One day she took to Tumblr to vent her frustrations over period stigma:

“Guess what? I’m calling for a period shop!!! I want a space where we can feel comfortable during an otherwise shitty time of the month. My dream period shop has: designer pads/tampons, ice cream, heating pads, phone charging station, mani-pedis, live DJ (obvi), sweat pants. How amazing would this be? Every woman, cis or trans, will be welcome to bask in this glory! Think about it ladies!!! Make this happen!” – Sarah M.

And someone did make this happen! U by Kotex listened to Sarah M. and the women standing behind her. Together, Kotex and Sarah M. launched the Period Projects, and this past May they opened the first ever pop-up period shop on NYC’s fifth avenue.

The shop included ice cream, a chocolate wall, massages, a DJ, and fashionable products designed for the comfort and care of women.  In addition to all this goodwill for women, all proceeds from the shop were donated to Susan’s Place, a NYC-based transitional residence for homeless women.

Although the pop-up shop was only open for one weekend, the Period Projects continue with an online shop and opportunities for young women across America join the cause.  On why she feels so passionate about this campaign, Sarah M. said, “There are thousands of stores for women’s clothing, makeup and clothes, but none that are focused on periods or the period experience. So I wrote a Tumblr post calling for the creation of a Period Shop – a space where women can shop for feminine care products while feeling comfortable, safe, respected … and also have a little fun.”

As the “Boss Lady” and Period Shop Project Captain, Sarah M. is a college girl just like us, and she’s not letting age, gender, or societal norms stand in her way. The Period Projects campaign is proof that a single voice can be heard, and a single woman can make a difference.  If you want to get involved with the Period Projects, you can sign up here to be part of the first ever national period product drive. You can also follow U by Kotex on twitter for updates on the campaign’s developments. So keep tweeting, keep reblogging, and never stop speaking up for what you believe in. You never know who’s going to be listening.

Cathryn Lien

Editorial Contributor, Asbury University Major: Creative Writing Her heart belongs to: books of all genres and tea of all flavors You can find her writing stories or acting out other people’s stories.

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