NYE Plans For The Girl Who’s Staying In This Year

It’s my junior year of college, I go to one of the top party universities and my 21st birthday is closely approaching. I guess it’s expected that I’ll be attending a big NYE bash, wearing my highest heels and a dress that could easily be confused for a disco ball.

But on this New Year’s Eve I will be wearing a cocktail sauce stained apron and a V-neck with a bedazzled fish above my left boob. I will be waitressing at the local café I work at during school holidays. Just like the past two New Year’s Eves, when the clock ticks 11:00pm I will be closing up the café and heading home to my parents’ house.

But Instead of feeling gloomy about my “un-glamorous” NYE plans I feel a twinge of excitement because I have a whole night to myself to celebrate me. It’s a night devoted to reflecting on the previous year and planing what’s ahead based on what I’ve learned and where I have grown.

For anyone who will be trading in sky-high stilettos for bunny slippers this year when the clock strikes midnight, here are my tips on how to make the most of your low-key NYE.


Spend you free evening remembering all the moments of the past year – big, small, happy, funny, difficult. Pull out photos, journal entries and look through Facebook posts, Instagrams, snaps you saved. Bundle up all my memories and make a list of the people who made an impact on your life this year.

Write Letters

With that list of special people in your life, write appreciation letters. Let those people know how they supported you, helped you grow, taught you something about life or yourself, laughed with you, cried with you – share those memories with them and let them know what they’ve meant to you. Throw a little confetti in the envelope and send them off.

Plan Out Your Year

Take out your shiny new planner, and write down big days coming up in 2016 – family and friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, vacations. While you’re at it, write down your short-term and long-term goals for the year in a place where you can be reminded of them daily. Get them down in ink before the year gets going and it gets away from you.

Don’t Forget To Celebrate

Watch the ball drop, put on a sparkly 2016 headband, pour yourself a glass of champagne, eat something yummy and indulgent. You don’t need to be at a big bash to have yourself a party.

So, to the girl spending her NYE at home, remember that you are not the only one. You are warmer than the girl wearing the disco ball dress, you are definitely avoiding the awkward midnight kiss with a boy you just met, and you’re starting your year off on a positive foot. I’d drink to that.

Kayla Blanchard

Hometown: La Porte, Texas School: The University of Texas at Austin Major/Minor: Creative Advertising, Global Business Foundations Her heart belongs to: Autumn weather, oatmeal colored sweaters, journals, morning runs, chick flicks Take her away to: 12th arrondissement of Paris Her guilty pleasures: Starbucks Pike Place w/ Half & Half You can find her: dancing in the kitchen to Leon Bridges

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