NYE Movie Moments That Would Never Happen In Real Life

New Year’s Eve. A night of dancing, celebrating, new beginnings…and unattainably high expectations. Per usual, Hollywood delivers on those feel good NYE moments, that would never, ever happen in real life.

New Year’s Eve

One of those ensemble, multi-plot line movies that we hate to admit entertains us so much. But we can all agree, that practically every. single. plot line. would never happen in real life. Our favorite? Backup singer Elisa (Lea Michele) bursts from an unmoving elevator and rushes to the Times Square Stage just in time to sing Auld Lang Syne, mashed up with the climax of all the other characters’ stories. Then, in what could be the luckiest night ever, she scores a kiss with Ashton Kutcher. The cherry on top? Zac Efron making out with Michelle Pfeiffer.

The Holiday

Ahh, the classic switcheroo movie. While this movie gives us all the feels (and has a cast to die for), we just can’t see how four completely dysfunctional adults all become best friends and lovers within the course of a few weeks. In the final NYE scene, it appears that all their problems have diminished, and the only thing left to do is snuggle, dance, giggle, and drink champagne in a picture box window as the snow softly falls. We wish. Also, we’d like to nominate both of the houses featured in this movie to HGTV.

When Harry Met Sally

The ultimate romantic confession. At midnight, Harry rushes to profess his love to Sally in a tearful monolog that almost distracts us from Sally’s wonderfully permed hair and velvet ensemble. Cute, sure. But how did Harry manage to navigate that throng of people to find Sally right at midnight? And how we can score an invite to that glamorous 1980s fête that we can only dream of? And most importantly, after years of friendship, isn’t it quite convenient that NYE is when Harry decides to reveal his love?

Sex and The City

This show is the holy grail of mismanaged expectations, so could we expect anything less on NYE. Carrie kindly decides to jaunt across the city (that Upper East Side to Brooklyn timeline makes no sense) wearing heels, pearls, and a giant fur coat in classic Carrie style to come to a lonely Miranda’s side. As everyone else happily finds love, Carrie and Miranda sip wine and eat some dumplings. We would call this friendship, but we think improbable time travel makes more sense. P.S. Where can we get those matching black sequin robes that Samantha and her beau have?

Ross and Monica’s New Year’s Eve dance

Whether realistic or not, the point is, this is THE best New Year’s Eve scene yet. To stand out on a taping of their favorite NYE special, Monica and Ross decide to pull out all the stops–including their middle school dance routine. the music. The 90s clothing. And a sibling synchronized dance routine that won’t quit. This is just a reminder of why “Friends” is one of the best shows ever made.

If your NYE this year has midnight love confessions, glamorous bedazzled parties, and softly drifting snow with romantic background music, cheers to you. But if not, cheers to evenings spent with parents, champagne, and pajamas. Happy New Year!

Paige Pope

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