The “New Couple” Valentine’s Day Guide

It’s a late evening in February. You’re sulking, distracted from doing homework by the agonizing thought that you still have no Valentine this year. You decide to head over to the nearest grocery store to satisfy your emotional and physical craving for a few gallons of ice cream, but naturally you are greeted at the door by hundreds of chocolate boxes, hearts, pink and red frilly things everywhere.

You can’t escape Valentine’s Day. Ever.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a Valentine this year, your February evening might be a little different – but still equally as stressful. You have just entered into a new-ish relationship toward the beginning of the New Year, you are still in the honeymoon phase but rapidly approaching that too-comfortable-not-so-obsessed stage. Maybe you aren’t even officially dating, but to the rest of the world you two are an item. Being an item entails some sort of lovey dovey action on Valentine’s Day, but of course you have no idea what to do because the relationship is still so new. Here are some ideas that will make your lovely Hallmark holiday a little easier:

Make a mutual agreement.

I don’t care if you have to devise some sort of contract to decide what you will buy, or not buy for that matter, for the special day. It’s always so awkward when there is not a mutual exchange of gifts, or lack thereof. Would you really want to give someone a box of chocolates when they’ve just given you a brand new Michael Kors watch? I didn’t think so. Avoid the awkward misunderstanding and just establish guidelines prior to the holiday.

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Tell them what you like.

Like I said, you are in a new relationship/fling/one of the above, and your partner most likely doesn’t know all of your likes and dislikes yet. Does he know that you hate pink? Does he know that you’re deathly allergic to caramel and that gardenias make you swell up like a pufferfish? Does he know that you hate PDA and you don’t want everyone to see your grand Valentine’s Day romance? Make sure he knows, and likewise make sure you know what he prefers, or what reminds him of his old relationship that he does not want to think about again. The little things are important anyway, so get to know each other’s preferences.

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Try something DIY or homemade.

Boys are usually pretty easy to shop for. They love watches, clothes, shoes, sporting goods, etc., but maybe try to switch it up this year. Because it is a new relationship, it’s not exactly appropriate to break your bank buying a Valentine’s Day gift for them anyway, so try something homemade. It means so much more when you take the time to do something for them, especially when you bake their favorite type of cookie or decorate a cool piece of art for their room. Happiness can’t be bought, so if you make something and put some serious love into it, it will make your new fling that much more special.

Make a move.

Sometimes when boys can’t muster up the courage to plan out an elaborate surprise, we as women have to step in and make the move. Instead of the traditional Valentine’s Day surprise where boy takes girl to dinner and surprises her with flowers and a piece of jewelry, try something new and take him to your favorite place in the middle of the city. Crack open a bottle of red wine, lay underneath the stars and get to know them even more. One of the best feelings in the world is when you can surprise someone, and surprising men is even better. So pick him up this year, take him somewhere you love and take a chance on making that big step to be the date planner.

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Whether you’re 16 or 60, Valentine’s Day will always pose an obstacle to your life. It’s stressful, uncomfortable and often times awful to bear, but if you are one of the lucky ones in a new relationship, take this advice and have the day of your life. One day you’ll look back on it and be happy you made an ordinary Hallmark holiday into something quite unordinary; in the best way.



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