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On An On

Discovering a new band always brings me fulfillment, especially when it’s one with such a unique and haunting sound. I felt this same fulfillment, along with other things, when I stumbled on to the indie rock band ON AN ON at Chicago’s Logan Square Art Festival. With their second album coming out July 24th, it’s only right to share this musical brilliance with our Lala-lovely music lovers. After such a successful debut album, this exceptional ghostly sound is a must for indie fans.

Based between Chicago, Illinois and Minneapolis, Minnesota, ON AN ON was formed by frontman Nate Eiesland, keyboardist Alissa Ricci, and bassist Ryne Estwing after the 2012 break-up of their previous band Scattered Trees. The trio found themselves with booked studio time with Broken Social Scene producer Dave Newfeld and no band.

Fun Fact: The trio debated reforming Scattered Trees, but decided to take the risk and excitement of forming a new band with a more electronic sound.

Just weeks after ON AN ON formed, they recorded their debut album Give In. “This time we came into the studio as a band,” explained Ricci in a press release. This album was about less thinking and more trusting their instincts.

The album is a textural journey with a new creative energy. Their most electronic single, “The Hunter,” became an instant favorite among listeners, being featured on MTV’s Buzzworthy. My personal favorite “Ghosts,” appeared in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (season 9 episode 5 “Beautiful Doom”).


Not only is their sound hauntingly beautiful in the studio, they sound even better live – a rare thing to find. ON AN ON creates intriguing ethereal sounds mixing retro-esque harmonies, airy synths, bursting drums, and ghostly vocals. Think Coldplay’s cool electronic musical cousin, and you’ve got ON AN ON. Their music expresses a newfound sense of success and free spirit. Once you find your favorite track, it will be hard not to play it on repeat.

Their highly anticipated sophomore album, And The Wave Has Two Sides, is set to release July 24th. You can pre-order the new album here.

Check out “The Hunter” and “Ghost” below. Listen to Give In on SoundCloud. Let us know what you think!

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