As Extreme Weather Becomes The New Normal Brands May Save The Day

Hurricanes, heat waves, floods, and wildfires have been devastating the United States over the past month. There hasn’t been a day where some sort of natural disaster has been on the front page of the news, and it’s starting to be something people are expecting.

The real question: are these extreme climate events becoming the new normal?

Everyone from French president Emmanuel Macron to Pope Francis has cited climate change as the culprit, finally following the scientists that have been saying this for years. And now, scientists with NOAA are saying that while such events are becoming less frequent, they’re increasing in intensity, making them even more dangerous and their damage more devastating than before.

So how does the world adjust to these new extremes we’ll be facing every day?

While some government programs are hands-off in these situations (insert major eye roll here), many companies are taking the reigns and doing even more for disaster relief funding and rebuilding than ever before. Here’s a few to take a look at:


Okay, Jetblue is freaking awesome. After several airlines hiked up their prices in the face of Hurricane Irma, Jetblue offered Florida evacuees flights $99 to and from their homes. American followed suit, capping all of their flights at $99, while Delta stopped their ticket prices at $399 a seat. These airlines were almost sold out by the time the hurricane hit and saved thousands of people from being stuck in their homes.

Mattress Mack

Even locals are getting in on the action! The owner of this Houston mattress chain opened up all his stores to people escaping hurricane Harvey. Instead of trying to make a profit off the situation, he intends to house and feed anyone who might need assistance.

Bass Pro Shops

I tend to avoid Bass Pro Shops as I tend to avoid anything outdoors related, but this store has helped a massive amount of people. The hunting/fishing/outdoor everything store donated over a hundred boats to government and rescue agencies to get people out of the water in both Texas and Florida. The boats helped rescue hundreds of people from their homes in a situation where they wouldn’t have been able to leave before.


Don’t forget the puppies! Petsmart donated over $1 million for animal rescue centers in Houston working to help both pets and wild animals. They also donated over three truckloads worth of pet food and supplies to the Houston area.


So maybe she’s not strictly a business, but as one of the most powerful people in the world (don’t fight me on this), Beyoncé’s effect on people’s awareness and their willingness to give. A Houston native, Beyoncé has given financial aid to the city for years, but during this disaster, she brought her whole family down to help. Along with several other celebrities, including Demi Lovato and Kevin Hart, Beyoncé gave food with a side of hope to the city’s residents.

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