8 (Affordable!) Brands That Will Get You Pumped To Work Out

For most of us, the thought of putting on jeans for our 8 a.m. class across campus sounds like a special form of torture. Luckily, a new “sporty casual” trend is making everyday workout gear the go-to outfit choice for getting us from class, to lunch with friends, and even excited to hit the gym.

Instead of stepping into Lululemon and hoping the sale rack has expanded since last week, check out these trendy athletic/yoga apparel brands that will have you (and your wallet) thanking us the next time you get your workout on.



Kate Hudson’s fashion-forward athletic wear line has been getting a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. Initially going on the site, you can enter your email address and have access to an entire outfit for only $25. After that, you become “VIP” status (oooh, yes please) and have access to personalized outfits starting at $50 for a top, bottom, and sometimes an extra item such as a sports bra or jacket. Be warned, though- if you don’t hit the “SKIP” button on a month you’re not feelin’ a new outfit, you’ll still be charged the $50 anyways. Not that uh, that’s happened to us or anything…. #woof

2. Calia by Carrie


Another star-studded brand: Not only can Carrie Underwood kill it on stage, she also knows a thing or two about fashion and fitness. Her new line “Calia” is aimed at making it easier for women to be the strongest versions of themselves while still maintaining their busy schedules. The easy to mix-and-match pieces are perfect for transitioning from class to errands or the gym. With tanks starting at $30, this new brand makes it easy to stay fit and fab on a budget.

3. Athleta


As an athletic-wear brand that caters to countless sports and fitness activities, you’re sure to find your fit here whether you love running, swimming, yoga, spinning, lifting or even hiking. There are definitely some more pricey pieces, but it’s not difficult to find a ton of practical, great quality gear. The bright colors, variety of patterns and feminine twist on everyday workout clothes make Athleta perfect for still feeling fierce while you’re dripping in sweat.

4. Soybu


Whether you’re a full blown yogi or have never stepped on a mat, Soybu has active wear perfect for any lifestyle. Each piece of their clothing, made with eco-friendly fabrics, are stitched with a piece symbol for its meaning tracing back to attracting good things into your life. And with prices that don’t break the bank, we’re thinking this brings #GoodVibesOnly to a whole different level.

5. Onzie


With a beautifully image-filled website and Instagram that made us want to lace up our shoes and get moving, Onzie makes it easy to find affordable but totally unique workout threads. Tanks with cut-outs, graphic tees, and perfectly patterned leggings are just a few of the things you’ll find when scrolling through their site. New workout motivation? Check!

6. MPG


More formally known as Mondetta Performance Gear, MPG brands itself by “effectively blurring the lines between fashion and performance”. Their pieces definitely make it easier to fit that 30-minute workout in between classes, because it doesn’t really even look like workout wear at all. Their jackets and vests can be a little higher priced, but most of the items leave you questioning how something so affordable can be so stylish.

7. Solow


As one of the edgier brands on our list, Solow is what we imagine it would look like if Forever 21, Nike, and American Apparel had a love, child. With an emphasis on layering, Solow has pieces that can stand alone or work perfectly when put together. The simple approach to pattern and color make it easier for the clothing to have an outgoing design without making you look cray.

8. Mika Yoga Wear


As a brand that strives to create pieces fit for any body type, Mika Yoga Wear has a ton of different options for all the ladies out there. The store has a perfect blend of fun colorful prints along with more subdued classic items, so it’s easy to find your match. Approachable style combined with totally reasonable price point makes Mika Yoga Wear definitely next on our “To Do” list.

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