Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For All “Types” Of Moms

Sunday, May 14th. Highlight that bad boy in your planner. Circle it, underline it and jot MOTHER’S DAY, yes, in all caps, beneath it. It creeps up on you. Being aware of the date is step one in preventing the perennial backup plan called “Oh nuts. It’s Mother’s Day. I hope Walgreens is not out of Fannie May.”

I am eternally grateful for chocolate’s disposition to please, but I think my mom is catching on to my panicked strategy.

They say it’s the thought that counts. But it’s one thing to think of your mother, and it’s another to think about your mother. What about your mom do you love? What about your mom does she love too? Yoga? Coffee? Hugs? Gardening? Jogging? Her ability to make you feel special? Her ability to save the day and give step-by-step instructions on how to get spaghetti stains out of your favorite white sweatshirt over the phone?

Whatever it is about mom that makes you smile, tap into that. Below are some ideas to get your wheels turning and possibly the hot glue gun burning. Make the thought count.

For the Sentimental Mom

Do not underestimate the power of a good letter. When my mom was in her early 20s she wrote a letter to her mom thanking her for all she had ever done, and my grandma still talks about that one letter to this day. It might be simple, it might not be flashy, but it means a lot.

For the Coupon Queen Mom 

TBT to the days you made coupon books as gifts for parents in elementary school. Revive that genius idea as an ode to the mother who revere’s the bargain binder and thrifts for the thrill. Fill up your own little coupon book with slips that say things like “Mother-Daughter Movie Night,” “Coffee Date,” “Unlimited Hugs,” etc. (whatever you think would be up your mom’s alley and your budget).

For the Mom Who Loves The Bachelor As Much As You

Spice up the classic notion of flowers with roses (and a candle or two if you’re feeling crazy) that tie into the hallmark of Monday night bonding. Get a little creative with the wording in your card, and you’ll be a contender for Chris Harrison’s next big hosting gig on The Best Daughter.

“To my endless source of love – Mom, will you accept these roses?”

“Ben might not love you, but I do – Mom, will you accept these roses?”

For the Quotable Mom

“Do as I say, not as I do.” There are an awful lot of sayings out there most moms have uttered at some point during motherhood, but there are also sayings that are unique to your mom. Compiling a list of those “mom-isms” and creating a scrapbook full of them is heartfelt and crafty, but ultimately gets across what all mothers want to know…WE HEARD YOU.

For the Coffee Mom

Gifting caffeine to a woman who raised a child to adulthood is a no-brainer. For the mom who’s all about her morning joe, consider adding to her coffee mug collection. Tons of retailers carry coffee mugs, but if you are on a college budget I recommend hitting up stores like TJ MAXX, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, or HomeGoods first because the selection is often abundant, adorable and won’t break the bank.

For the Coffee Wine Mom

Caffeine? After raising me? Ha. Pour mom another glass of Merlot. Craft stores like Michaels sell chalkboard wine bottles. So cute, so easy, and begging to be personalized. Design a temporary look with chalk, or permanent décor can be achieved with chalkboard markers (also sold at craft stores). For those of us not yet 21, don’t worry about filling the bottle with mom’s choice wine—fill with flowers for a gift that DOUBLES as a killer vase.

For the Ultimate Cheerleader Mom

Whether she’s cheering for her favorite team or cheering for her kids, this mom needs a sturdy pair of pompoms that can keep up with her level of dedication. Take her cheering uniform to the next level by taking a t-shirt with her favorite team on it to a sporting goods store (aka the places you bought letterman jackets), and they can add her name to customize the back of it, jersey style, usually for around $7.

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