Modest Is Hottest: Don’t Feel Pressured To Show It All Off On Halloween

Sometimes we get way too caught up in the stereotypes of society; especially during the holiday season. On Halloween, a night that should be celebrated for its endless amounts of candy and great times with friends, we endorse the competition of “who can wear the least amount of clothing.” What ever happened to the funny costumes, the not-so-scandalous imitations of Marilyn Monroe or even the classic ghost? We shouldn’t feel like we have to be a sexy cat or nurse to please anyone, and here’s why:

1. The element of surprise.

Let’s be honest, we all like to show a little skin to impress the boys, but they love it when you are a challenge for them. They will notice the girl in the beautiful gown, the elaborate costume that makes them wonder what’s underneath. Don’t give them the satisfaction of getting what they want just by a glance.


2. More options, more fun.

There are so many different things you can dress up as if you choose to give up the mission of wearing a revealing costume. You can be a funny animal, cartoon character or even a famous rapper. Last year I dressed as Kanye West for Halloween and my best friend was a minion. It was the best decision we could have made because not only did we get tons of compliments, but we felt comfortable and unique.

3. (Hashtag) I’m different.

Being different is definitely a perk, and that is exactly what you will be when you show up to the Halloween party in a onesie costume or male police officer attire. Let me tell you, dressing up as Mr. West himself made the boys flock in my direction because I was DIFFERENT. I didn’t look like every other girl there with her chest pushed out and tight spandex. My creativity was appreciated, and yours will be too. Get attention for the right reasons.

4. Comfort.

If you are drinking or eating lots of candy, or maybe both… the last thing you want to worry about is making sure you suck your stomach in all night because your crop top and spandex hug you in all the wrong places. In a costume that is a little less scandalous, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your bodily appearance much, which makes your Halloween experience much more enjoyable.

5. Bring back the childhood.

When we were little girls, we played the role of princess, puppy, firefighter or cute nurse for Halloween. Who says we can’t have larger versions of these costumes and make them look as they did when we were young? Maybe we would actually look like the real life versions of these things for once. It is cute when we have a little #TBT action for the spooky day, so why not try it out? Be a Disney princess and don’t think twice about it. Don’t forget about trick-or-treating either… that’s a whole different story.



Shelby Davidson

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