Misterwives Album Drop: Our Own House

It’s finally here- the poppy-indie album we have all been waiting for! After being around for only about three years, this group has been gaining speed and popularity at a shocking rate. Misterwives’ new album Our Own House just dropped this week, and it’s all we ever wanted. The band captured our hearts after it’s EP came out, containing the hit “Reflections.” It’s full of the amazing lyrics that we heard in their previous works, and it’s a perfect pick-me-up in the chilly February air that’s kept us cooped up inside. They deliver energy, rhythm, and more with a bigger than expected sound. So even though it’s not yet time to roll down our windows and start car-jamming, this album can be cranked up in any dorm room.

The rock’em sock’em quality starts off right at the beginning of the album as they open with the single “Our Own House” that we already know and love. The next song on the album completely blows us away. “Not Your Way” is a girl-power song that deserves a place in everyone’s pump up playlist. The lyrics are powerful, and we’re excited to sing out “This is my own life, own life, not growing up to be, a trophy wife, so don’t parade us round” as we head to class, the club, or a midnight snack. They point out the inequalities that are still prevalent today and need to be addressed. “Hurricane” is another perfect power house song to listen to. This song in an anthem of empowerment. It’s an aggressively fun song, and like “Not Your Way” it is about being bold, not conforming to what others want. The lyrics are powerful and fierce in the way we’re begging artists to be. Misterwives is giving us music that makes us feel bold, fun, and powerful in a world that does what it can to bring us down.

The next track off the album that blows us away is “Oceans” as it slows down the tempo a bit with a smooth, subtle groove. This surprisingly romantic song makes us want to sway back and forth. In fact, the last minute of that song is probably one of the best minutes on this while 12 track album. It paints a picture of cozy blankets, a sunset on a beach, as a sweeping voice is asking to stay like this forever, a sentiment we’ve heard and felt a million times with friends or loved ones. It’s a song for that lovey dovey playlist that makes you think of time with your significant other, or your ‘everything’ as the lyrics lovingly repeat.

“No Need For Dreaming” is another song that shows just how amazing this band is. It starts out slow and melodic, just something to hum along to. Not when you hit the chorus! The song layers on electric guitar, expert lyrics, and more tasteful brass sounds until it’s perfectly constructed. “Best I Can Do” is similar in involving brass instruments, like horns blasting and addictive percussion, to show the musical talent of this band. It’s amazingly original the way the band functions, there’s electric guitar, unique percussion, and brass instruments. Not only is this band an amazing example of female empowerment with their powerful vocalist Mandy Lee, the musical quality is undeniable.

Misterwives’ new album is perfect for the time it came out. It’s girl power-focused, using the upbeat tempo to encourage women to not make themselves small but to be powerful and strong. It has an approachable way of expressing the inequalities in the world around us. It’s about time that almost a whole album is full of songs that empower women everywhere. As the lyrics state in the closing song of the album “Queens,” we need to lift each other up to shake the demons off.

Alyssa Driscoll

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