Mind, Body & Soul: 17 Ways To Be Your Best Self By Next Semester


Here’s something crazy: College is the last time in your life where you’ll actually be given an entire break just to focus on just Y.O.U. Your health, your finances, your friends— whatever. In the real world, they call that much time off “unemployed.”

Despite what our favorite Tumblr quotes tell us, we see break as more than just a time to lay around the house with our dogs and eat chocolate. We see it as a time for college resolutions. A time to refocus and realign our priorities. A time to detox our minds, bodies and souls. We’ve teamed up with Crunch Live, the gym best known for its cutting-edge classes that now lets you get fit on the fly, to focus on being your best you in time for fall semester.

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 Cleanse Your Mind

Get your inbox to zero.

Nothing will make your life feel more cluttered than an inbox that never stops piling up with emails. Take the afternoon to respond to what needs your attention and trash and unsubscribe what doesn’t.

Go back to school with a skill you’ve taught yourself.

Learn French. Become a salsa-dancing whiz. Go all Steve Jobs on us and learn to code. Whatever it is, stick to learning something new, outside of school, and come back with a skill that will wow your friends. (But even more importantly—a skill that will wow yourself.)

Reread the books you loved when you were younger.

From lovey-dovey young adult novels to Goodnight Moon, take a few hours to pick up an old favorite. You’ll be blown away about how centering it is to fall right back into the pages of a favorite read.

Create a budget for yourself to follow for the year.

College is expensive. From textbooks to housing to “Woops I just spent $38 on Taco Bell”— there are a lot of ways to flush your money down the drain. So take a realistic approach and really think about what you can cut out. Freeing up extra money and being in control of your finances, even before the “real world” hits, will ease your mind and your wallet.

Let yoga into your life. 

Nothing will bring your mind greater peace then spending time on the yoga mat. And the best way to do that is to find that peace of mind right at home. Don’t know where to start? Check out Crunch Live’s awesome online yoga workouts like Buff Yoga.

 Heal Your Body

Actually try and sleep the full amount per night.

Did you know that we’re meant to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night? Stop hitting the sheets after midnight, girl. Give your body a well deserved break and snooze. Your hair, skin and overall energy-level will thank you for it.

Visit your doctors.

Gyno. Dermatologist. Dentist. Optometrist— whoever your go-to visits are, you should be checking up regularly. It’s the most important step to living a healthier, happier college career next semester.

Drink water.

Drink A LOT of water, actually. It’s recommended to drink 64 oz. of fluids a day. Did you gasp too? Tomorrow, drop the Diet Coke and drink something that will actually hydrate you instead.


Nothing will make your body feel better than actually using it. Try 70+ different workouts from your very own computer with Crunch Live’s library of video workouts. From cardio to strength training, you literally don’t even have to leave your house to get your heart pumping. 

Vow to wear SPF 30 or higher.

You’re going to have to wear old skin for a lot longer than young skin so be preventative and save yourself some wrinkles now. You may think that tan looks great, but not when you end up with melanoma later. Be smart about sun.

Give your beauty routine a break.

It may be wild, it may be weird, but when you drop the straightener, curler and dryer your hair will be so, so happy. Whether we realize it or not, our constant beauty maintenance does take a toll on our bodies (and on our time). Forget the eyeliner, stop wiping goopy foundation on your face and give you skin, eyes and hair some time to rest.

Focus On Your Soul

Fix your relationships.

Okay this may seem like a big one. But if you left school feeling weird about a friendship or romantic relationship and want to clear the air— do it. Call the person up, send them a quick email, whatever it may be, you’ll feel a lot better with less social tension when you get back to school.

Binge watch classic movies.

If you want to see some real “gumption” (thanks, The Holiday) quit The Bachelor and switch to some classic flicks. The leading ladies of old Hollywood just get it. And if you are what you watch then we suggest watching a LOT of Audrey Hepburn.

Start your day with a personal affirmation.

It’s like saying a prayer before going to bed, but instead you’re giving yourself a dose of confidence first thing in the AM. Now repeat after us, “I Am Kind. I Am Smart. I Am Important.”

Write down your goals on a piece of paper, look at it every day.

It may sound silly, but research shows that if you spend time actually visualizing your goals and seeing it written out in front of you, it’s more likely to happen. Magic! Don’t believe it? Check out the study here

Dance. Dance. Dance. 

It’s a universal truth that everyone knows to be true: dancing is good for the soul. And we don’t mean slosh around with a drink on the dance floor dancing, we mean, putting all you heart and soul and favorite moves out there– the “dance like nobody is watching” kind of dancing. Our suggestion? Dance it off with Crunch’s Dance Videos we love. They’re fun, fast-paced dance routines perfect for anyone who likes to shake it like Shakira. 

Volunteer your time. 

…with something other than Instagram. When you take time to help others you’ll realign your priorities and remember what makes your heart feel “full.” Coming back to school with better perspective is the key to a good school year ahead.

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